Sunday, December 1, 2013

Come For Coffee

Hello! It's Schnibbles Parade Day!


This month's project is Morning Joe, and it is a beauty! A little larger than the last few we have done and so pretty. 

Sue decided it was the perfect pattern to use up a little more of her seemingly endless supply of Countdown To Christmas by Sweetwater, and she was so right! Just look at this beauty...

It's a beauty eh? It is not quilted yet because at the time of this photo Sue was still trying to decide how to make it just a tad larger, to be used as a Christmas lap quilt. I think she has come to a decision now so I'm sure it won't be long till the rest of the piecing is done and it is quilted, bound and ready for giving. 

After picking out the fabrics I wanted to use, and remembering the size(53x53) I just knew my new  Schnibbles was going to grow up to be a tablecloth.
My fabric of choice was Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson and I love how it came together for me.

As soon as I finished the last binding stitches I whisked it away to the washer and dryer to bring out the crinkly, used look that I love. Then on to the table. The next morning I decided that I would photograph it where it would be used; so no clever outdoor shots on barns or with gypsies in Spain, or on clotheslines. No siree! It stayed right on the table with my toast, jam, juice and morning joe!.

While I was munching away on toast, I got to thinking how hard everybody works to get a parade together, from the organizers (Sinta and Sherry) to all the parade entrants. When it's all over, I'm sure everyone is tired and hungry, so why not drop by for a cup of "morning joe" (or tea if you prefer) and I can whip up a batch of muffins or biscuits to go with them. Give me a shout, let me know if you plan to drop by so I know how many muffins to make.   It will be a blast! I look forward to meeting everyone!


HollyM said...

They're both so pretty! I love yours as a table cloth! I'd be afraid to spill on it but then, I guess that's what it's all about really. We have to enjoy our pieces don't we?

Sue W. said...

I'd love to drop by....just let me know when you will be home to make the muffins....!

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