Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seven deliveries made, a few more to go...

Last post I showed you a clothesline full of quilted projects. Since leaving home on this road trip I've delivered 7. I have three very happy grand daughters with dolly quilts. My daughter-in-law loves her Canasta table topper. My daughter was thrilled to receive Dulcinea; a new seasonal table topper. She and I have been painting the youngest grand daughter's room and her granny square quilt will look lovely on her bed. (I hope to have some pics of that soon).
Today, I gifted a friend with my Lincoln table topper for the kitchen in their new home...another happy camper!
So that leaves me with one lap quilt, one baby quilt, and one doll quilt to deliver, and the last topper is to be sold to a friend of my daughter. 
You know what that means eh?
There is going to be some empty space in my I did a little shopping today. I am getting ahead of myself though, so I'm going to backtrack a bit. We spent a few days with our son and family before flying out to Regina to visit with our daughter. 
Here is a shot of the girls with their doll quilts

One of the reasons for our trip to our daughter's was for Father and daughter to run in the Queen City Marathon. This was a first for our daughter and a fifth for Mr. O
They ran the half and I surprised them with new shirts for the run...

His reads " I am running with my daughter". Hers reads " I am running with my Dad"
...and run they did! Mr.O was a little disappointed with his time but his leg (IT band) gave him problems and he ran in a lot of pain for a good portion of the race, but they persevered and look pretty happy sporting their medals!

Well done! ... to my two favourite runners in the Queen City Marathon.

After a day of rest, we picked up a rental car and drove even further West to visit with dear friends and family. While here visiting. my friend Judy knew exactly where to take me...

She said, "let's go a few miles down the road to Beaver Lodge", so off we went.
This big guy is just out from the Visitor's Centre but just look what our real destination was...

Beaver Lodge is a small town with a big quilt shop, and the girls gave us a big welcome!

Erin, on the right is quite excited about becoming a certified Judy Neimeyer Quiltworx shop, and there will be a mention of this in the upcoming American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Yay Erin!

These girls were super friendly and helpful and let me snap some photos of their marvellous shop samples. They spent time helping me look for a particular pattern( no luck, but thanks girls)

My friend Judy and I

Judy kindly offered to model one of the sample duffle bags.

I fully intend on making a few of these scrappy crocheted mats for the cottage. Aren't they cute?

I know you're wondering if I made any purchases, well, yes I did, but I am pretty pleased with how much restraint I showed.

A couple charm packs for an upcoming Schnibbles.

Some was Moda 3 Sisters; it was red! It was also half could I resist?

Doesn't this look like a great travel bag? I like bags. I travel. Enough said! 
Now, I'm sure your curious as to what that pronged thing was, sticking out of the top of my bag.
Have a closer look...

It's a wrought iron quilt holder for a 6" banner. It is made to stick in a large patio pot. It may become a gift...or not. We'll see.
So there you have it. My introduction to "Around The Block" in Beaverlodge, Alberta. Thanks Judy!


JoAnne said...

What a fun trip so far. Giving away quilts, visiting family and friends, and quilt shop shopping. I can't think of anything better!

Colleen G said...

You make a good case for having family spread all over the country, gives you lots of opportunity to visit the many wonderful quilt shops from coast to coast. When my son was posted to Moose Jaw, first thing I did was research the local quilt shops, lol. Congrats to your husband and daughter on their accomplishments.

gail.elizabeth said...

You are so Blessed... Love reading about your travels..

HollyM said...

It must have been fun to deliver all those quilts! I'm glad you showed restraint at that beautiful shop. I'm picturing all your fabric at home and that for sale sign. Of course movers will move most anything, won't they.
What a special experience for those two at the marathon. Nice memories. He'll have to give the IT band a bit of a rest.

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