Friday, September 20, 2013

I Scratched An Itch

An itch to stitch that is. I will take you back a bit first. My daughter and son in law love to bike. They bought themselves a brand new Harley Davidson a little over a year ago. While they were travelling with us in Vegas and Phoenix this past spring, they picked up some Harley "stuff" with the intention of doing their den/family room with a bit of a Harley theme. 

Not the best photography, but everyone is sleeping and I did not want to start turning on lights to get better photos. I tried to find some Harley fabric, but was not very successful, so I made my own large logo...shhh our secret okay? Don't tell the Harley people. It wasn't to sell, but just fir a quilted pillow. It occurred to me that I hadn't shown a picture of it, so here it is....

I printed the logo and then cut out each piece and appliqu├ęd it together and then quilted the top and made it into a cushion. Mr. M. loved it!
Before our visit, they managed to finish the room, and I have to say it came together very well. 

The photos really don't show the colours well, but the walls are black, clay, and dark rust.  Dear daughter covered some large canvasses in fabrics we had picked out in Phoenix. 

She totally revamped a plain WalMart clock into this beauty with some black paper, silver spray paint, Harley poker chips for the numbers, a logo for the centre and copper metallic nail polish for the clock hands. Great job Michelle!

I took the remaining pieces of fabric and  pieced and quilted another pillow cover for the sofa

Again not great colours  :(

So with great walls, a classy looking carpet, and a cozy fire, their room is quite welcoming!
I still have to make their quilt from a collection of head scarves, but that is going to have to wit till I get home. I borrowed a neighbours sewing machine and my sister's extra cutting mat and tools to help with the sewing projects but  the quilt will have to wait til I get home.

I got to scratch the sewing itch and they got another pillow. Oh, I also did some mending, but who wants to hear about that...yawn!


JoAnne said...

What a really attractive room! Your logo pillow is awesome and the accompanying matching pillow is great, too. I am familiar with the "itch" as well when I go too long w/o stitching. Sometimes when people do a theme room, it looks like they don't know quite when to stop. This has the perfect balance, and I think a quilt made from the bandanas will be excellent. But please pass on my compliments about the clock! How clever to use poker chips and nail polish! I'm going to file those ideas away in my brain.

HollyM said...

What a neat room Wendy!even travels don't slow you down! You're still the first one up!

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