Wednesday, June 5, 2013

¡Viva España!

I know, I know, you are thinking I have been kidnapped by Spanish Revolutionaries...
But not so.we have been seeing the sights, and lots of countryside. Walked the streets of Pamplona where the "running of the bulls" takes place every year. Thankfully we are a month too early for all that excitement.

Can you see that little red sign on the wall? The one up on the corner...that marks the route for the running of the bulls.

Here's another one. I'm pretty sure the bulls can't read these signs, but then they don't really have to. The people running ahead of the bulls have to read them and know the route and they lead the way with the bulls hot on their trail, and yes they have people hurt or killed every year but that doesn't seem to stop fact two American women are among those trying to outrun the bulls this far as I understand, this is a first. Me? I prefer a safer sport, ..... like photography, or cooking, or even more extreme sports, like quilting.
We made a stop in Bilbao to see the Guggenheim Museum. It is closed Mondays, so we only got to visit outside, but that was an impressive building even outside!

Spain has a history of some really amazing architects and we have been fortunate enough to see some of their works.
We have spent the last two days in Barcelona in the region of Catalonia.
Barcelona sits at the heart of Catalonia, a region known for its own nationalistic aspirations, and even though they are of the country of Spain, they have their own language and flag separate from Spain. There has been a history of some unrest and demonstrations, but all we have seen has been a city that is very cosmopolitan, very busy, colourful and friendly.

We visited many markets, and squares...

Parks with beautiful fountains and flowers, and just quaint little views around every corner.

Sat in quaint little cafes and bodegas having cappuccinos and tapas and pastries.

Been treated to a lot of Antonio Gaudi's wonderful buildings and structures.

And of course did some shopping!

Want to see what treasures I found?

FABRIC! Made in Spain, and mostly in Barcelona! Most of it was about 8 euros a meter, which works out to between 10.00 and 10.50 per m. But get this!

It is over 60" wide! Here is a piece of regular North American width fabric compared to Spanish fabric!
Guess what other Spanish product I bought?


Cathedrals, Cloth, Chocolate, Cappuccinos...ahhh yes.

¡Viva España!


JoAnne said...

Thanks for the visual treat! That Guggenheim is some building, but then there are a lot of really cool buildings in your photos. Have fun! Love the choc and the fabric.

HollyM said...

Wow, what architecture for sure! It must be so awe inspiring.
I know you just had to buy fabric from Spain, but honestly, more fabric!?
I prove of the chocolate too!

Barb Gibney said...

Well sis. I defin ately approve of the chocolate but of course I would of found a lovely bottle of red wine to go with that...oooh I so love red wine and chocolate...yumm
Fantastic waiting for ylu and georges to have seen it all and have it mastered, then rocky and I will join in on the fun and you can be the official tour I like that idea!

Interseti ng material...glad you found some unique pieces...i can see some of it going into a wonderful market bag. Enjoy!

Linda H said...

Wendy, so glad you are enjoying Spain and seeing all the sights. Gaudi's architecture is quite "interesting" isn't it? The Sagrada Familia really blew my mind!
I approve of your purchases. They are the two things I buy most when traveling as well.. who needs t-shirts or spoons??!!

regan said...

Fantastic post! What a treat to see all those pics! I thoroughly enjoy your travelogues! And I'm so glad you found some fabulous fabrics and chocolates! Awesome!

Sue W. said...

It's so thoughtful of you Wendy to provide a lovely tour of Spain while I am laid up. And some fabric to drool over as well. The chocolate looks yummy - it's just as well that it's not within reach!!!! Did you even try a short practice run just to say that you ran on the route of the bulls?

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