Tuesday, June 18, 2013

J'adore France!

I sat last night to write a blog post, but I was so sleepy, I decided not to fight it, but just to close the windows, turn off the dim lights in our old cottage and call it a day. I am really loving living here. This old place has such character. Sometimes I sit in my big old armchair and just sigh, and look around me. I think I should pinch myself to see if I am dreaming, but then I quickly discard that thought, because if I am, I really don't want to wake up. It is everything you have seen in the movies and more...sigh.

It really shows it's age; and has quirky little things that just make me love it. When we were looking for a place to rent here in Normandy, we must have looked at over a hundred places. Some much more modern, some much fancier, some in more populated areas, but I knew I wanted "old" and "quaint" and "country". That is what we got. A bit rough around the edges, and I told our "landlord" yesterday that if it was me, I would fire the cleaning lady, but other than that, it is almost perfect. He apologized and I believe he really was sorry. He is an older gentleman from Donegal, Ireland who has worked in mining(can you believe it?!) he was among the miners who worked drilling and blasting and building the tunnel under the English Channel; met a French "mam'selle" and has made his home here in Normandy.

See what I mean about firing the cleaning lady? Well, we were not going to let a few cobwebs spoil our vacation, so Mr. O got out the "hoover" and I gathered up a few bottles of cleaner and a basin of soapy water and we had fun discovering all the little nooks and crannies, and it really was not work at all! It so different from what we are used to, you really do "throw open" the windows and doors...no screens, and the windows swing into the house, to allow for shutters; shutters that are used not just decorative.
As I am writing this, I glance out the window and the cows are gone from the field, the rooster has finally stopped crowing, the birds are still twittering away, and the donkey has mosied over to say goodnight.

Before I say "bonne nuit" though I really must tell you that I had a wonderful day and was able to check something else of my "bucket list".
Are you ready for this?
This is a biggie......
I went to a french market, yesterday and today, and then we found a "brocante". In North America we call them flea markets but doesn't a brocante sound so much better?
The markets totally take over the downtown area for about 4 hours. Stalls and vendors everywhere, cars weaving in and out, people socializing. It is like our Saturday morning farmers market but on a bigger scale and out in the open air. Each little village has one and we are finding out which village on which day.

This is a little taste of what was at the market. I had fresh figs and peaches today! So sweet and juicy. I made a few purchases at the market, but later as we were leaving town, I spotted a sign with an arrow for a brocante...STOP! I said, there is a sign for a brocante! Mr. O hits the brakes and pulls over, with this comment..."what the heck is a brocante?" After I explained, he drove me back, saying, now what do you expect to get here? Well, looky, looky........

These babies are coming home with me, well 8 of them are and I am kicking myself I didn't buy them all, so we are going to stop by tomorrow and bargain for the rest!
What are they? Why old wooden spools, and they are just the thing to wind and store my trims and lace and ric rac on!
I can tell you are as excited as I am...aren't you?
Well, you are, aren't you.....?
Now I have to settle myself down for a sleep, this is a lot of excitement for one day!



Sue W. said...

Yup...I'm excited.....but I'm not sure that you can fit 8 of the wooden spools in your studio.....5 or 6 maybe...can you see where I am headed ???? Your new hairy friend is very cute. Eeyore was always my favourite of the Pooh characters. I like your new residence...is it too late to take you up on your offer to share the accommodations for two weeks?

HollyM said...

Oh Wendy, I can see these brocants are going to pose a problem for you. Your luggage will be bursting! Those spools are great though.
I see what you mean about the housekeeping but it is truly lovely in its simplicity. Dreamy indeed!

Sarah said...

I hope you took an empty suitcase to fill and bring home! Love the colours love the thread stall.

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