Friday, June 7, 2013

Dulcinea, Dulcinea

Most of you know, that I, along with a friend, and now also my sister are participating in Another Year Of Schnibles. We missed Jan. and Feb. of last year because we did not have access to the patterns, but as soon as Carrie offered her patterns for sale as a pdf pattern on her website Schnibbles have been a regular occurrence around here.
I managed to get last months project done before heading off to Spain, but because I will not be home until the 18th of July, making the Schnibbles project for June was going to be a problem. I thought maybe I could work something out with the hostesses of AYOS, so I emailed Sinta and asked if she would be so kind as to let me know before I left what the next month would be and then I could make both in May and just submit the June project at the appropriate time. She kindly obliged and I bought my pattern and made it T home before leaving for Spain.

I am always curious how Carrie comes up with the names of her schnibbles patterns, so I googled the name and discovered(or was reminded) that the name of Don Quixote's favourite lady in the Man Of La Mancha was Dulcinea. It took awhile to sink in that the pinwheels in this pattern were reminiscent of the windmills of La Mancha

Photos taken from Flickr

Sofia Loren played the role of Dulcinea.

So after finishing May's project I got to work on Dulcinea. I finished piecing and quilting and s
Attaching the binding by machine just one day before leaving. OK, here is where my story gets a little nutty. I decided to bring Dulcinea to Spain with me, to hand sew the binding, and possibly hope for a good place to photograph it in her "birthplace", so to speak
I gave up precious space in my ONE allowed suitcase. One suitcase for seven weeks vacation, and I gave up prime space to bring a quilt with me for the chance at a photo op!
I have since found out that we will not be close enough to the windmills for a good photo because we will only see them. Flying by on the hi speed train, and I didn't have the binding done when we went to Toledo, which is considered the capital of La Mancha. ....SO tonight we were attending a show in the old quarter of Granada to see the "Zambra" dances by Sacromonte's famous gypsies who live in the caves surrounding Granda. I brought "Dulcinea along for a photo shoot.

The picture turned out ok, but really, it might have been taken in my basement for all you I decided to run back in and ask some of the dancers to help me out and they were kind enough to oblige.

Much better eh?
I used Monster Mash charm packs by Sandy Gervais. I had won them last fall from one of schnibbles draws.

Sue got her Dulcinea done too, but I didn't offer to bring it to Spain. I just didn't want to lose any more space in my suitcase. Some friend eh?
She did a wonderful job of hers too. I really can't remember the fabric line she used but I love how it turned out. Have a look.

Pretty huh! I love it!
We had a really busy day today, and I made one "quilty" purchase...sort of...and no it is not fabric! As you know, Spain, is famous for their ceramic tiles and when I saw a collection of alphabet tiles, I couldn't resist picking out five of them.

Well folks, I am bushed and we have an early morning.
It's been another great day!

"Let everyone in the world halt, unless the entire world acknowledges that nowhere on earth is there a damsel more beautiful than the Empress of La Mancha, she who has no equal, Dulcinea Del Toboso."
Volume 1, Chapter 4, pg. 29


Sue W. said...

Oh Wendy....only you would have thought of taking your quilt along! I'm writing this while listening to "Dulcinea" on YouTube...(thanks Tim).
I LOVE the quilt tiles

HollyM said...

Now I know you have gone round the bend! The quilts bend.

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy,

Congrats! You were one of the winners of the Meadow Mist Designs giveaway to celebrate the Pink Pincushion blog's 600th post.

You won a pincushion from my etsy store. You may select any one pincushion in store or if you would like I can custom make one for you.

Please take a look at
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I am sorry to have posted this as a comment here, I could not figure out how to e-mail you directly using google+.

Thanks again!
Meadow Mist Designs

JoAnne said...

Okay, you win! I try to photograph some of my Schnibbles creatively, but I'm never going to top this! How wonderful! The biggest part is the sacrifice you made with your space!

I love the tiles. Oh my!

Jackie said...

Ha ha ha, leave it up to Wendy to sacrifice space in her 1 bag for 7 weeks to bring in a quilt for a photograph session!!! Too cute! Love the tiles also, so special &a great souvenir. Have fun!

Sarah said...

Your quilt looks brilliant in those bright contrasting colours. Good on you for taking it on holiday to photograph authentically. It looks great with the dancers.

Barbietee said... did great...and I love the tiles. They will find their way to the perffect spot in your quilt room im sure. I am working on my june schnibbles as well and will send you a photo when I have completed it. I , like sue am off to listen to dulcinea too. Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures

Michele said...

Wonderful quilt and wonderful tiles too!!! How fun that you brought it with you and took such festive pictures :-) WOW!!


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