Saturday, June 22, 2013

C'est la vie

I really must open with a shot of the view out the diningroom window last night.

It is a bit dark, but, at the back of the cottage we look out over a bit of a grassy valley and hills dotted with black and white it is in the daylight.

It has been a lazy day here at Bruquedalle Cottage. The rain started early this morning, so we really didn't plan too much for the day; besides I was waiting for a call from Blanche about when we would be going to the linen festival. When we parted ways on Thursday, she took our phone number and said she would let me know when we were going to the festival. It is now Saturday afternoon and still no word...The French are so laid will happen when it happens...( I hope!) 
After a few cups of coffee, and a piping hot shower, I made French toast for breakfast. I used a variety of breads that were left from some of the breads we have been eating this week...fig and nut; coarse viking bread; Boucheron bread( a local specialty) drizzled with a bit of maple syrup; imported from Canada (how cute!)
We needed a few fresh things so we headed into the Ry village market. A few peaches, a few onions, 3 apples, strawberries, a bunch of bananas, some really yummy cranberry tea, a baguette. I love shopping like this! After we finished grocery shopping I ducked into a little local knitting shop, but nothing really called out to me, so we stopped in at the local tourist information building. We bought some apple juice and a bottle of apple cider from one of the many local cider mills. I also picked up a book that you may have heard of. It was written by Gustave Flaubert in the mid 1800's. It apparently caused quite a stir "back in the day" and was based on a local woman who married a local doctor. The story is Madame Bovary.

We were befriended by a very affectionate cat. I would have loved to kidnap her and bring her back to the cottage, but Mr O gave me the "look" and I ditched that thought. By the way, that is a bottle of apple cider, not wine!

After a brief walk along the stream, we took a drive to another village. Lyons-la-Forets...a very old village. A very pretty village frequented by Parisians on the week-ends. Oo-la-la!

This lovely old Inn is from the 1600's!

If you look under the beam, it says Auberge since 1610.

Such lovely buildings and such narrow streets!

Enough pottering around; back to Bruquedall, a pork loin simmering in apple cider with sliced onions and apples; watching old movies and stitching away...see what I mean? C'est la vie!

One letter left to do in the Boston block and then that's all for this project till I get back home.
I hand stitched several wool pennies I had left from a previous project, perfect size for a little candle mat; so that is off the list too!

The evening is still young, our little roast is smelling pretty yummy, and there is still lots of light left to start a little crochet project....c'est la vie!


Linda H said...

Oooh la la!! You are "living the life"!! Such a pretty little village- thanks for sharing the local scenery with us...

JoAnne said...

I love the photo of the cottage by the stream. It looks too pretty to be real! Your day sounds totally charming.

HollyM said...

What lovely days they sound like. Hubby looks like he fits right in.
My goodness, those streets in the village. It's like a dreamworld. Buying fresh at the market each day sounds do wonderful!

Barb Gibney said...

ahhhh such fun! I bet you cannot wait for the family to arrive. I wish I was one of those family members...ha ha ha
that one photo of the cottage on the stream or brook is so picture perfect...oh to be an artist!!
And isn't it wonderful going to the market daily to twice daily to get fresh bread and produce...hope you enjoyed your meal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy
Enjoying the news and photos from Normandy, seems you and Mr O are having a relaxing time

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