Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just 3 days from Western Canada

Breakfast in Salt Lake City, Utah and supper in Cheyenne. Wyoming and some fun in between.
We left in miserable wind and rain, with the idea that we had a seven hour drive. After crossing the border into Wyoming, Mr. O said pick a we bypassed several for the one of my choosing. Valley Fabric Shop in Lyman, Wyoming.
It was not until, I had finished shopping and was settled back in the car and heading down the highway that I realized I had forgotten to take a photo of the shop outside. There was no point commenting on it because we were on the hi-way. The thought was barely formed in my mind when Mr.O hands his phone to me with 2 pics on it. They were of the quilt shop and the sign in the window. After almost 43 years , I guess he knows me!

I am getting ahead of myself though. We walked into the shop and Mr. O tells me we can stop for 45 min. Well, I knew I better get busy! It was like going to a quilt show...

See those two round quilts. Well they are not quilts...they are mats made with prairie points sewed in concentric circles onto a round base. Clever eh

Check out this black metal napkin holder with a quilt block design. Not for sale...darn!

Of course you know I checked out the restroom...

Want to see what is coming home with me?

Everything I needed to make this happy winter hanging.

...and one more pattern for Spring.
About 45 minutes out of Cheyenne, in the town of
Laramie we stopped at another shop. Quilt Expressions. They had so many lovely kits at hard to resist prices, but I resisted. Instead I picked up some flannels

..a few civil war repro fat that cheddar colour!

...and a book I have had my eye on.

I am going to enjoy this one...patterns, pictures, stories.
So even though we had a 7 hour drive, and it was raining and blowing. It was a good day.
Next stop; Mount Rushmore and Rapid City, South Dakota. Allll-lll Aboard!

Hope you are paying attention, you will be tested on this later...
I'll end with a few samples from the last shop. No drooling!


HollyM said...

It was a bit like a quilt show! You're going to have projects right into the old people's home!

JoAnne said...

I'm totally jealous. I've been wanting to visit Laramie for awhile. There is an old prison/museum there from the territorial days. Wyoming led the way in the US for women's rights. Back in the late 1800s they had the first trial with women jurors and a woman baliff. I have a connection to the trial. The brother of one of my Great Great Grandfathers was the defendant! It is one of my favorite stories from my family history. I'm originally from South Dakota! (From the north eastern part of the state) but we lived in Rapid City for a year when I was 7-8. Are you driving across South Dakota on I-90? I will look forward to pictures--it will make me think of home.

regan said...

That hubby of yours is definitely a keeper! :o)

And thanks for all the great quiltiness! I just love that last quilt.....beautiful stars! And your snowmen are adorable! Great choice!

Sarah said...

Clever husband! I love the quilts you've shown on display in this and your last post. Lots of beauty and small pieces there!

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