Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Sky Country, a little more S. Dakota and a lot more Pearl Louise

Our plan was to head towards Sidney, Montana first thing this morning, but we both decided that there were a few things we wanted to see before leaving the area. Custer State Park was at the top of the list, we started with a drive up Iron Mt.

It is famous for its scenic, one-lane tunnels aligned to frame the faces on Mount Rushmore, its "pigtail bridges", and its sections of divided highway but with single (and narrow) lanes on each roadway.

After Iron Mt. we continued on the Wildlife Loop. We saw a good sampling of the area wildlife...


...why is it that there is no "s" when pluralizing buffalo, moose, deer or elk?.... but there is with dogs, cats, birds and pigs....the English language is a very,very curious thing indeed.

Pronghorn...many, many of them!

Wild turkeys.

White tail Deer

BigHorn Sheep
We also saw several prairie dogs and mule deer (no pictures)
The most entertaining though were the local Burros.

Talk about friendly!
We drove a long way to see the Needles, only to find the road closed. You would think the Parks Rangers would have a sign at the entrance, so a person doesn't drive 30 or more miles out of their way for nothing!

Oh well, the wildlife made it worth the trip!
After a quick stop in Sturgis for souvenirs for a few family members, we were on our way to Montana.

They don't call it Big Sky Country for nothing! Very pretty drive.

No quilt shops today, but I'm still reeling over yesterdays, so a few more pics from Pearl Louise and Quilter's Village

One of my favourite displays.

There was so much more, but you get the idea.
There were 12 shops participating in the two week Shop Hop. At each stop you got a free pattern for one block. If you gathered them all, this is the pattern you end up with...designed by none other than Miss Pearl Louise....

I obviously did not get all 12 blocks, but I did get the centre block with the bicycle and one of the star blocks in the upper left. SCORE!

Of course , you know I had to take a pee(k) and get a shot of the restroom!

What did I buy?
I bought this book...

And this book....

This pattern...

A dozen flour sack tea towels and embroidery patterns for them. A charm pack of one of Pearls collections, and a couple fat quarters.
Now that is what I would call "power shopping".
Back in the Homeland tomorrow, and time with family!


HollyM said...

That shop looks more like hoy than any I've seen, especially allot that embroidery and red work. I really loved that little Joy piece with the snowmen.

JoAnne said...

I cannot believe that shop and all of the samples! I loved the photos of Custer, too.

Barb Gibney said...

Wow!!! I can see why you wanted me to go there. But of course it was not on our path. I seen something tho that caught my eye...can you guess???

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