Friday, April 5, 2013

Hoodoos, pic-nics, fabric, poor internet service and an Easter miracle

It's been awhile. We are still touring. We have been to Bryce Canyon National Park. Amazing rock formations everywhere. Some of them are called "hoodoos" or fairy chimneys. They are almost like statues and are most abundant in Bryce Canyon. Being in the canyon and being able to walk on some very narrow trails to the bottom of the canyon is quite an experience. I didn't go all the way down,because I found my breathing somewhat laboured at some of the high altitudes and thought I may have trouble walking back up, but Mr. O went down and loved it. I on the other hand went down part way and then dawdled back taking photos.

One of those little people way down there is Mr. O. I was much closer to the top and had a brilliant idea to set the camera down, use the self timer and get a photo of me...but one must be quite careful backing up to get into the shot, it is quite a drop if you overstep!
We also spent a day in Arches National Park, and another in Canyon Lands.

No matter what spot you chose to stop for a picnic the view was always great! I climbed a lot of rocks...

...and I can literally say, "I fell for Arches National Parks, Utah!"

Thankfully the injuries were not severe, just some scraped hands, and a few bruises that will remain unseen. Word of advice...beware of small gravelly rocks on top of the larger rocks.
There is so much more to say and show, but we have had pretty sketch internet service and you are getting the Reader's Digest Condensed version. While in Moab, i looked out the window from the hotel and lo and behold, a quilt shop! I only had about an hour, but it was a nice little shop and I have my name in for a pattern for a lovely wall hanging pattern. She sold the last copy just hours before I arrived.
Have a look.

Today Mr. O said.we have lots of time, pick out a shop you want to go to...well there were about 8 or 9, so it was a stab in the dark, but it appears my aim is good in the dark. I chose Quilts, Quilts, Quilts etc.
When we pulled up to the address at 11Main St. , Sandy, Utah. This is what we saw...

Not a great shot, but the two furthest buildings said Quilts etc, but across the street was this...

Again, not great photos, but the sign over the door said Quilts etc ...hmmm well I tried the closest and yup it was full of fabric and patterns, and a couple long arm machines and when I asked, the lady said yes we have, patterns, flannels, wovens, stripes, and novelty...the rest of our fabric is across the street! When I picked out what I wanted there, she handed me my invoice and fabric and said you can continue shopping over there, just take your fabric over and pay there. If that was not surprise enough...when I walked in to the "little" building across the street, it was bursting at the seams with thousands of bolts of fabric in about 7 rooms. One room was just books an patterns...more than I have ever seen!
I restrained myself to some patterns and fat quarters, but it was hard!

These are for those cute pie pot holders I showed you a few posts back.

A few civil war repros.

A few patterns. I also took pictures of the finished projects as well as the buying the patterns.

Can you believe that pie is actually a pic-nic bag! A local lady designed both these lovely patterns. Now for a few shots of the store.

I reluctantly left after about a half hour, and off we went to gas up the car, check into our hotel and have supper, and lo and behold right next to the gas station was another quilt/scrapbook store!
I ran in and took a peek, but just got two neutral fat quarters, but they had a room, with just thread...and boy was there thread!

And now for the bestest news of all. Last weekend we received a text from our son.
"I am following the ambulance to the hospital, Meg is very ill, please pray!"
Well naturally we called, and it seems, that our perfectly healthy grand daughter quite quickly developed full blown type 1 diabetes. Her count was up to 40, her sugar was turning the fat to acids and she was nearing a coma and it could be fatal. A helicopter was on standby to take her to Sick Kids Hosp. She had severely dehydrated and lost 11 pounds in a little over a day. We were all in shock and the doctors were very surprised at the way things escalated. No family history, no warning! On Easter morning we received news that Meg was out of danger and would pull through. This was indeed our Easter miracle! During the waiting, I would have traded all the vacation, and scenery, and fun times and fabrics for her health. How quickly we are reminded just how fragile life is and just how good God is to us.

I am happy to report that Meg is back home with her family, and taking all 4 insulin injections plus several blood tests a day like a little trooper and when we spoke to our son yesterday and asked how she was, he said, "she is online searching for diabetic smoothies/drinks she can have"
I am happy to say, All is well...yes indeed God has been good to us. Prayer does indeed change things!


HollyM said...

So happy to hear your granddaughter is OK! It will be a learning process for her, but it's quite amazing that she's already tea searching. Good sign.
Love that little ducks quilt, and the cacti, how pretty.

Linda H said...

SO glad that all is well with your darling little granddaughter. What a sweetheart she is; she will quickly learn to deal with her diabetes and make it part of her "routine". An Easter miracle indeed!
You are seeing more fabulous scenery/country. The southwest has such varied landscape. Glad you are taking it all in... Safe travels...

JoAnne said...

I am so relieved to hear that your granddaughter is okay. Wow! Were you about ready to catch a plane home? I can't imagine how difficult it would be vacationing and having fun while she was so ill.

Meanwhile, I can't believe how many great shops you are finding! It would be really interesting to see a picture of the whole pile of goodies that you are finding. I can imagine that with even just getting a few things here and there it is starting to accumulate!

Safe travels!

regan said...

I'm so glad your granddaughter is doing well! What a scare! And out of the blue, too!

And I can't believe how many amazing quilt shops you found! Woohoo!

Sarah said...

What a shock and scare for your family. I'm so glad that things have been sorted out and Meg is feeling well and can continue to live a full life. How old is she? You are having such luck finding quilt shops on your travels, each with a little something different to take away. You are going to be sewing for a year to use up all your finds!

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