Sunday, April 7, 2013

I am running out of clever titles...

A long time ago, I mentioned that before I write a blog post, I need to have a title. It is my jumping off point. I don't know if I am tired or it is what is referred to a "writer's block" but I just couldn't think of a proper title tonight, so I will ramble about the days events and hopefully you will follow along.
Today was planned as another travel day. We had hoped to get to Yellowstone Park, but it seems we are just a bit too early in the season, so we decided to take a detour through South Dakota on our way to the Canadian border. The main reason being, that we wanted to see the famous Mount Rushmore. The countryside has changed a lot in the last few days.

An old abandoned schoolhouse along our route. I love the bell on the roof.

It was a lovely drive and before long we were ready to cross into South Dakota.

I love the look of Western towns! I didn't see any hitching posts but I'm sure there are probably still a few left out back. We passed a few quilt shops along the way and Mr. O asked if I wanted to stop, but I declined...I was waiting for the "dessert" at the end of the trip.
As planned we stopped at Mt. Rushmore. Quite a spectacle! Quite an undertaking! We watched the information movie at visitor centre. I apparently knew very little about the making of this spectacle. I thought it was made by one or two men... A life's work, but not so. The overseer was a master carver named Gutzon Borglum. It became a 14 year project with Mr Borglum dying just before the completion. His son finished the job. The biggest part of the "carving" was done by local miners by drilling and blasting away the rock. This was of particular interest to us Because mining is what Mr. O did for a living from the age of 18 to retirement.

*** Just a bit of a side note, but I know I am not the only person who takes photos and ends up with strangers in the background. I wonder how many people all around the world have unwanted pictures of me in their photos? Just a thought...

I hope I am remembering correctly...Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Pretty impressive eh?

Some of the tools, and instruments used.
I recommend this stop, if you are in the Rapid City, South Dakota area.
Mr. O tells this story a little differently than I do, but he says I ran back to the car after our little tour...I disagree! I did however walk quickly, and did not dawdle...time was a wasting. There was a quilt shop I wanted to visit, and it closed at the time we drove there I would only have 30 minutes to shop!

Ok! I am not even inside yet and I am starting to drool, my pressure is rising, and I just know that 30 minutes will not even come close to doing this place justice. When I entered a lady greeted me and asked me if I was there for the shop hop...if she only knew! I have been on the biggest shop hop of my life! Lol
Along with a welcome, I was asked if I was familiar with Pearl Louise fabrics and patterns? I'm not sure, I say, so she shows me a pattern book...umm yes I guess I am, because I have that book at home...just didn't remember the authors name. It seems this lady had drawn the artwork and designed 3 different fabric collections, has several patterns in magazines, is frequently on PBS television, has designed about a hundred patterns or more and owns and operates this amazing quilt shop!
HELLO! I have 30 minutes!
I went through about 12 rooms covering 2 stories, just snapping pictures! Have a look

Yes, I bought this pattern...I mean, how could I not?

Many antique quilts on display...her decor and vignettes were amazing!

That's it for today...and that was just the upstairs!
Tomorrow, I'll show the downstairs and what I purchased. More eye candy to follow. Mount Rushmore is a National treasure, but I am thinking that Pearl Louis's shop runs a close second! Mark it in your book! Mount Rushmore and Thimble Cottage Quilt Village. A great reason to visit South Dakota!


JoAnne said...

Wow! I knew there was a good quilt shop in Rapid City, but I had no idea!

regan said...

What a wonderful shop! I didn't know it was there....dang! Next time we're through there, I'm stopping for sure!

Linda H said...

Ooooh, what a LOVELY shop!! I think I would have carried right on looking and snapping pics and shopping and drooling after 4:30.. they would have had to shove me out the door... haha
Oh yes, Mt. Rushmore was lovely too...
Thanks so much Wendy for letting us all "travel" with you...

Barb Gibney said...

well Sis...thank-you! I did get to see it after all. But the next trip through Rapid city I will most likely be seeing it again in person I hope. looks lovely and I already have a few patterns I wouldn't mind...ha ha

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