Friday, November 23, 2012

My hero!

Some of you may know I have been having troubles loading photos on the blog. I was talking to Mr. O about it and thought perhaps it was connected to Picasa somehow...he checked it out for me and didn't think that was it. It was very curious because I could post photos from my IPad but not the IMac. So ever the curious and persistant;  Mr O (Georges to me)
spent some time looking at the background stuff on the blog narrowed it down to the new Google +.
Google + downsizes the space a photo requires. I think it is just Google's way of herding us toward the changes we don't really want to make because we are comfortable where we are. The "Why fix it if it aint broke" mentality. Anyway, we he downloaded Google+ and things seem to be working fine.

Here is a picture for you as proof that Georges fixed things up for me. Just for the record...that G is not for Google.

Just as a matter of information and explanation, when we are jumping through all the hoops to sign up for Google+ they ask if you want to send invitations to all your "friends" and contacts. I agreed to 3 or 4 family members and then clicked "continue". The next message that popped up said "You will be lonely you only sent to a "few" friends". Don't you love Googles sense of humour? We went back and resent to contact list.
So if you received an "invite" or message from me, I hope that explains it.
So tomorrow, I hope to share a few quilty pics...courtesy of Google+ and my hero...Mr. O

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Christopher Reeve


Linda H said...

That Georges!! He's da man!!

HollyM said...

That's god that you got it figured out. One of the links I sent you( did I send two?) was about that. It's funny because my problem happened a while ago and the only thing I did was resize photos to fix it.

barbara woods said...

keep an eye out google likes to make you a no-reply blogger. they did me

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