Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Hop Pt. 2

By the time I was finished at The Running Stitch it was just shy of noon, but I was on a mission and had no time for lunch. I wasn't sure how much time I had before Mr. O would be finished his business meeting and wanting to be picked up and I wanted to hit as many shops as I could; besides I had eaten a pretty substantial breakfast and The Country Quilter was calling my name.
I loaded the address in my GPS
and headed for the black and white checkered flag at the finish line. The shop was about a 15 minute drive out in the country to Richmond. It was a beautiful sunny day and a pretty drive along a little river.

The shop was very easy to find, and I probably could have found it without the GPS but don't tell Mr. O that (our secret).

Here's what the website has to say about the building that houses the shop; 
"The Country Quilter relocated from Manotick to Richmond and is now situated in one of the community's well-known century residences. The shop is carrying on a commercial tradition for the heritage building at 3444 McBean Street, Richmond. Records of the property date back to 1832. The building has been a post office, a shoemaker's, a tailor's and an undertaker's. Under the ownership of Ann McLean the house has returned to its commercial use after 40 years as a private home. Ann has endeavoured to return the house to its previous appearance by building a front veranda and putting up a picket fence. The shop has a cozy atmosphere - just right for quilts and quilting. There is a fireplace in the main room and a large sunny classroom on the main floor. The kitchen is a source of coffee, homemade soup, and the occasional pot luck lunch for the "finishing school group"."
Ann was working that day and was very happy to help me find everything I wanted. We chatted about different quilting projects, and she invited me to have a look around the shop and check out the classroom upstairs, and the quilting room where they rent out a long arm machine to customers. How lovely to have a long arm machine at your disposal without having to invest in the cost of the whole thing! She didn't mind me taking pictures so come along and see some of what I saw...

Again, loads of shop samples and oodles of bolts of fabric.

See that bolt of fabric on the right with the large circles. That was just put on the shelf that morning. It is part of the new 
Malka Dubrawsky  fabric collection, Simple Marks. 

It is stunning and I'm not sure what I needed wanted it for, but for now I will just enjoy all the fabulous colours and texture of the fabric, and when the right project comes along I am sure I will recognize it.

Even the stairwell had samples to brighten things up!

Here is the "rent-a-quilter". Wish I was closer I might give it a try...
While I was chatting about websites and pillowcases and matching fabrics, Mr. O called to say he would be ready in about an hour and a half. I quickly paid for my purchases and said goodbye to Ann and was on my way to the next quilt shop. It was another fifteen minute drive and let's just say the best part about that stop was the McDonald's sandwich I purchased next door...enough said!
All in all though it was a fun day and a great shop hop; even if I was the only one "hopping". After picking up Mr. O we were on the road again. Another 4 hour drive to visit with his sister. We had a lovely couple days with them, made another 6 hr. round trip to visit our son and family in their new home, and then back home to New Brunswick. A very busy 5 days, but enjoyable too! Working away on my grand daughters quilts this week because I have another trip to Ontario coming up on Sunday...just call me the Gypsy Quilter!


Barb Gibney said...

Heh,Gypsy....it must run in our family, eh! Oh but what fun! I enjoy hopping with you, and thanks for sharing. I know you won't be checkin your blog anytime soon as your fingers are busy movin material here and there and everywhere, but when you do get back here I just want to say thanks again for sharing your trip with your fellow bloggers...happy quiltin, Sis!

Linda H said...

Looks like another great shop, will have to put that one my list. It's always such fun to check out new shops, isn't it? Each one has its own unique flavour...

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