Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some highlights of a quick trip

Gone from Thursday to Wednesday with 2 of those being travel days, we managed to pack in some fun times.

Shopped lots a bit.

Helped our granddaughters decorate Easter Eggs.

Our son and daughter in law bought a 6 acre piece of country property they are hoping to build on this summer, so we spent a day there with family and friends. The guys spend a little time building a fire pit and then clearing under brush. 

We also got to do a bit of four wheeling and eating and visiting and sitting around the fire.

Where there is a campfire there has to be "smores"

At one point we discovered Meg had gone off by herself to her "thoughtful spot".

She was quite content to be by herself, chattering away and cleaning the bark off a stick she had picked up earlier. A few years older and I won't be surprised to see her whittling...
When I asked her what she was thinking about, she said "nothing" but later she said she was thinking about their new house and living out here. The girls love the spot and can hardly wait.
Church on Sunday and old friends over for Sunday dinner. Later we had the girls sit to have their hair braided ...

...together! Isn't it gorgeous?

All in all a wonderful little mini vacation. 

I do agree with "Dorothy" though..."There's no place like home."

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;"
John Howard Payne 


gail.elizabeth said...

You have beautiful grand daughters there Wendy.. Looks like you had a great time..
And I agree, there is no place like home...

HollyM said...

Oh Wendy, it looks like a wonderful visit and what gorgeous spot!
The girls are so sweet!

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