Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Deal with it Wendy!

Mr. O and I spent a bit of time outside on Friday burning brush and broken branches accumulated from the winter winds. I was thrilled to discover that despite the snow I had a few green daffodil sprouts showing. I was hopeful that when we went to the cottage to check on things that all the snow would be gone and we could open early this year.

Oops! Not quite yet...still a bit of chill in the air. (Deal with it Wendy!)

Afterwards we stopped at a local quilt shop and I made a small purchase and then a little Bakery/Cafe and purchased a fresh baguette, and a chocolate croissant and pistachio pastry to share. Next stop was at a small local place that makes their own cheese and we added that to the menu. Armed with our beverage and snacks we decided to stop and eat at the beach. After a bit of nourishment it was time for a walk on the beach where we gathered beach glass and just enjoyed the "salt air".

Yes that is snow and yes this is April! (Deal with it Wendy!)

Yes I am sappy...(deal with it.)

When I got up early Easter morning and looked out it wasn't the Easter Bunny I saw...

It's Northern New Brunswick; (Deal with it Wendy!) Happy Easter.

Because we have missed the first 2 months of "Another Year of Schnibbles", Sue and I are determined to be on time with each monthly project. I have a busy month ahead of me;  another short business trip away with Mr. O, piece a back for my Cinnamon and Nutmeg quilt and drop it off to be quilted, make the April Schnibbles project, prepare the cottage for opening, make myself a new travel bag and get a start on packing for our trip to Europe. 
We are already one third of the way through April and because I only arrived home from our last trip a week ago, none of these jobs are checked off my list!
Yesterday was a holiday for my Schnibbles partner so I invited her to come up and have a sewing day and we started on our "Summer Day" Schnibbles. Sue arrived with all the cutting finished and I had started mine, but needed fabric she was bringing to me to be able to finish the cutting part.
Me, in all my wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to use the leftovers from another quilt for this little project. Once I had decided this I started pressing, measuring and cutting, BUT the pieces were not large enough to cut a square and then sub-cut to triangles. This meant I had to cut and measure each triangle separately.

Somehow I managed to cut several the wrong size. Now in all fairness the angle of this photo makes the difference appear greater than it really was, but come on Wendy! How did you not notice this??? ( I wonder if it had anything to do with the lateness of the hour and the fact that was watching/listening to a movie?)

Ok, back to the cutting table...problem fixed.
After dealing with a few machine problems (again strictly my own fault)  Let's start sewing...

A dozen or more units into the project, I realized that after fixing the problems caused by a barbed needle, I had forgotten to set my 1/4 seam allowance! 
At this point Sue took pity on me and offered to rip while I continued sewing...ahh friends!
As you can imagine, by this time the morning is gone and it is time to prepare lunch...
I am happy to say that things went smoother after lunch with a lovely little stack of flying geese to show for my labours and I am confident that I will at least have one thing to cross off my list my month's end...

as for the rest of the list; I will deal with it! 


Anonymous said...

Who knew that Schnibble making would be a workout....I have sore arms today from all that Flying Geese trimming!!! Had a great time and maybe the start of a new career - hand modelling for other quilters.

If anyone can get everything on that list completed Wendy, it will be you. A suggestion though, don't add anything else to your list [ like maybe that Winding Ways that you've been thinking about!!

Sue W.

JoAnne said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post when it first came out, but... WOW! Awesome sea glass! My husband and I love searching for it, too. Here in Hawaii, we know the beaches with the best payout, but we search at every one. Mostly it is bottles of the beer type, but yours look spectacular!!! I'm so jealous. I'm glad you will be able to get the Schnibbles patterns more easily now. I have not yet tried it, but will for the next patterns I want. I've been on a bit of a Schnibbles jag, making besides the monthly ones, 3 others. Just this year. Good luck and have a great trip!

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