Monday, April 16, 2012


I ordered a pdf pattern on line for the first time!
I know this is 2012 and many people have done this before me, but I just have never done it, but let me back up a bit...
Some of you may know that Sue and I have been taking part in a journey called Another Year of Schnibbles (note to self: learn how to put the year of Schnibbles button on your side bar.)
It has not always been easy to acquire patterns on time to take part in each monthly quilt along so we missed Jan. and Feb. When March patterns arrived we jumped right on the bandwagon. We were a bit concerned that we might run into difficulty with obtaining the upcoming patterns on time, but Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  came through for us! Well not just us... but you know what I mean. Today is the first day you can order her patterns in pdf format, so you just go online, pick your pattern, pay for it and then print it off! No shipping, apparently no tax was added(so far) and because of the Canadian/American dollar situation right now it was less than the actual price and best of ll....INSTANT! I printed it off right away and no waiting!

I'm excited; can you tell I'm excited? I bet you can...
The first pattern I purchased and printed is called George. I had to have this one cause although I refer to him as Mr. O here, actually I call him Georges, so I had to have that pattern.   A wise woman once told me that patterns should not travel alone so I ordered 2 more to accompany Georges and I am happy to announce they arrived at my "in-box" in good time. I am off to work a little more on my April Schnibbles...hopefully I will have some pics tomorrow.
p.s. just 20 more sleeps to the big day!

Happy Monday!


HollyM said...

Isn't it fun to order on line? The only problem is once you know how easy it is, it can be tempting!

Carrie said...

I'm with Holly... online ordering is great fun, super fast and really, really easy!

Too easy. Just ask me about my Etsy-addiction. :)

I'm glad it worked - and this puts you ahead of me. The first couple of times I ordered PDF. patterns and such, I couldn't get them to download. Then I couldn't get them to open. Then I couldn't remember which file they were in.

You'll know you're really there when you buy the same PDF. twice because you forgot you already had it.

bArb said...

sounds like fun this Schnibbles thing.... and yes ordering online is so much fun and way too easy...enjoy, enjoy!

Claudia LeBlanc said...

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and also ordered a pattern online. WAYYYY to easy! lol

Mary Anne Drury said...
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