Sunday, August 3, 2014

You're not going to believe this, but...

...but I have written a blog post almost daily for the last two months. Let me rephrase that..I have mentally formatted a blog post daily for the last two months; Something happened from the thought process to the keyboard though and so when I looked at my blog page today there was no news since the first of June. That is totally ridiculous! With all the technology today there should be a way for those thoughts to transfer automatically without me having to actually sit and type them out!
Until I can get that little problem rectified please allow me to apologize for such a long absence.
I cant even begin to bring you up to speed on all the events of the last 2 months but here are a few things that come to mind.
Our grand daughter graduated from high school. Hard to believe she is off to college in less than a month. She not only looked absolutely stunning on prom night

But she also graduated with honours. Way to go Lex!

We took a three week vacation to visit our son and his family. I have been able to attend/host three quilt retreats. Taught a family member to quilt. Took a Craftsy class by Tara Rebman and made a quilt as you go purse called a Tinker Tote.

I added a few extra things to the inside; a couple extra pockets with a touch of trim, and added a toggle to latch my keys onto so I am not always hunting for them at the bottom of my bag and I added a touch of bling to the closure tab.

I will likely make another at some time but make a few changes to the pattern to suit me better. All in all a very successful class!
I attended a garden tour and marvelled at the amount of time and energy some people can put into a hobby of digging in the dirt. ( I'm sure some people say the same thing about those of us with a hobby where we spend countless hours quilting)

I have started two bed sized quilts in the last 2 weeks. One is Quadrille, a Carrie Nelson pattern

Lots of piecing and prep work on Quadrille but nothing to exciting to show you on that one yet...the second one is Jumping Jacks by Fig Tree. There is a Quilt Along on Instagram that I am following and so far I have 4 of the 12 blocks finished.

At what age are we supposed to stop having sleepovers with friends? Just curious because apparently I have not reached that age yet. Mr. O went camping/hiking this weekend and I had a quilting friend come for a sleepover. We stayed up late, ate junk(not too much though), laughed, told stories, took naps in the hammocks, took goofy pictures of ourselves, did a tiny bit of fabric shopping, oh and quilted. It was fun and I'm sure glad I haven't reached the cutoff age for sleepovers yet!

Sue did not arrive empty handed but came bearing gifts which of course included fabric, but she also made me a little gift. It was just so suited to the quilting activity at my work station. Ever time I reached for pin it made me smile.

A Union Jack pincushion while I made Union Jack quilt blocks! I mean how stinkin' cute is that! I LOVE it! Thank you Sue!


HollyM said...

You have been busy! Congratulations to your granddaughter! Boy the time does fly.
I love all the projects but the zippered bag with the glowered print really jumps put at me.

Barb Gibney said... totally jealous....cant remember when I last sewed. Wish I could of come to the pajama party. Well done ladies, enjoyed looking atbyour projects and silly pics. Lol

ML Callahan said...

Hmm...digging in the dirt vs cutting perfectly nice fabric into tiny geometric shapes, then mixing and matching and sewing said tiny pieces back into a nice piece of fabric - yup sounds better than digging in the dirt where plants secretly wait to expose you to some pretty horrible stuff. I was exposed to poison sumac on July 11th and it still hasn't completely cleared up - Yup where's the scissors....!!!

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