Monday, August 11, 2014

In the still of the night...

It's late. Mr O. is sleeping and I know you will probably find this hard to believe, but I would rather do a little blog post than put away laundry or wash up those few dishes in the sink. Just a little recap of the last few days...Mr. O and I took a little road trip this week to take Ruby to see the Dr. It seems she had a large fur ball she just couldn't cough up.
We got that problem taken care of and thought she might look better with a new foot so we took care of that too.

Yes sirree! I got me a new foot pedal for the old gal, and I love it! I never understood why a machine of that quality didn't come with a larger foot pedal in the first place. I think most quilters have one leg slightly longer than other simply because the are always stretching their right leg out searching for that wandering pedal. Well
I think this big guy will stay put much better and I wont be chasing him as often as I did the other one. Look out gals, I will be able to put the pedal to the metal and keep up with fastest of you!
Just look what I found at

This little pattern just got placed on my "to do" list.
Here is the link for the pattern

By the way, while we are talking about links, I can't seem to insert an active link to my blog post with the App I use for blogging on my Ipad. I use Blogger+ . If anybody has any tips for me, I will welcome them gladly.
p.s. When I say "active link" that is my highly specialized tech lingo that means, a link you can just click on and go directly to the site.

I made a 3 more Jumping Jacks blocks, and if you are counting you would think that my total is now at 7, but not so...I have 6 complete blocks. Why you ask, if I had 4 done and finished 3 is the total only 6. Well thats easy...I had to take apart #3 and remake it. It seems I had two different colour fabrics in my block sashing! Now It's bad enough I will end up with 5 with white sashing and seven with cream sashing, but having both colours in one block was just too much! Long story...I might explain once it is all done.

I have to say though, that I am liking them, even with my silly error in fabrics. It has been a little tricky with angled sashings but I think I am getting the knack of it now.
I made a couple little quilted fabric storage baskets, but forgot to take photos of them. I plan on doing another set so I will share those later.
Mr. O went blueberry picking a couple days this week and about 15 litres of berries. I was feeling a bit guilty that he did all the picking while I stayed home, but after standing at the sink cleaning and bagging berries, the guilt has dissipated. I did my part too!

So of course after the berries are cleaned the next thing to do is a batch of blueberry muffins. Yum yum!

We went for a lovely bike ride on some country roads. I started out to do a 8km ride but ended up doing 18, but it really was quite enjoyable.
The wild flowers and scenery were quite pretty and we took a few photos along the way.

We had heavy rains and strong winds the night before and just look at the windfall of apples from this apple tree!
Another curious thing we saw was a "shoe tree". A strange species grown in very few areas...

It really was a very enjoyable bike ride and I don't know why I don't do it more often.

I really need to get serious about my sewing this week. I have several projects I need to get done before our next trip and I have been bouncing around from one thing to another. Can we say A.D.D.?
Maybe tomorrow I will sit and make myself a list of what needs to be done and try to focus on those. Sounds good on paper, but if I know me...well, we'll see...


Cath said...

Yummy looking blueberry muffins (is that cheese on the plate too?) I totally agree with the foot pedal dilemma.....I have the same machine and I laughed at the comment about longer legs from chasing it around under the table 'cos that is exactly what happens!

HollyM said...

Ooh, I'm dying for some local blueberries!
Have you posted a link before? Do you mean it's not working? I use the App and post links all the time by using the chain link symbol that's at the bottom of the page when you've opened the text box for typing.

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