Friday, May 31, 2013

On our Way!

And the waiting begins...and the, "oh darn, I forgot ...." and of course the adventure too. I thought I was so prepared...handwork ready...check! ...IPad charged check!
Charging cords packed...check!.....
So here I sit through security...time to get out the IPad and do a blog post...first .thing I see, is a warning...only 10% power...apparently the cord was not fully plugged so the IPad is NOT charged. Ok, so I get out my cord to charge it and
I brought my Kobo cord by mistake...
Thankfully a kind gentleman stranger loaned me his, so we are back in business. Good thing to, because it is time to post our Schnibbles for May.
of course you know you always get two Schnibbles for the price of one, because Sue and I work tandem on these monthly projects.
We actually were having a chat about our Schnibbles projects and both agreed how good they have been for us, to keep us motivated to be in our studios in spite of being busy and always short of time and another thing we both really appreciate is the fact they are not just simple mindless sewing projects. Angled cuts make for trickier piecing, and placement usually keeps you on your toes, so they challenge you a little bit too. Of course I get to use some of my "meagre" stash And the best thing of all...I
get a lovely little quilted project when all is said and done!

Here is Sue's. She used a collection called ...oh my goodness, can you believe I have forgotten the name of it? I will, of course remember it the exact second I hit the "post" button, when it is too late to change it...sigh.
Of all the thing in life that I have lost, I miss my mind the most!
OH, I REMEMBER!...French General, La Petite Ecole...YES!

Last year we made a spool quilt for a friends 60th birthday. While in the planning stages I came across a spool quilt done in reds and yellows. I loved it and tucked the idea away for future use and when Gentle Art was chosen for the May Schnibbles, I knew exactly how I wanted mine to look. The collection I used? My STASH...I went through my stash and picked out 13 reds and 12 yellows; threw in a white tone on tone and Voila! I had the makings of a great combo for my Gentle Art.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fast forward 5 hours. The kind gentleman asked for his charge cord back, we boarded our plane in Bathurst, but on a small plane there is no way to charge your devices, so I continued until my IPad died. We landed in Montreal AFTER our connecting flight had started boarding, so there was no lolly-gagging around. Mr O and I hit the tarmack running and headed for our connection to Frankfurt, Germany. Our flight attendant had called ahead to let them know we were on our way, but the pressing question on our minds as we sit here in a plane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, is whether our luggage was fast tracked to our connection or not???
I guess we will find out at noon tomorrow when we land in Madrid. Wish me luck!
My IPad is charging, I have been served a lovely "gourmet" meal a la Air Canada; i have finished watching Safe Haven (another N.Sparks love story) and I am ready to finish my blog post.

OK, back to Schnibbles talk...last month after the Schnibbles Parade, my sister Barb, who is also a blogger and a quilter, asked if it was too late for her to join in the Schnibbles Parade fun. Well, of course not! The more the merrier, so she dug out some scraps from a BOM project from a few years back, got herself a pattern, and looky here...another version of Gentle Art.

Now I ask you, what is better than 2 versions of a Schnibbles? Why of course, it is 3 different versions. We almost have a little mini parade right here, and we are 2 days early! Consider it the "appetizer" before the "main course".
But be sure to check out the Parade on June 1 at Sinta ( pink pincushion blog)and Sherry's ( a quilting life)blogs. Sorry I can't remember the exact link address and I don't have an internet connection as I am writing this but you should be able to google them. You won't be sorry...sort of like a little quilt show and you can do it in the comfort of your own home!
When we land in Frankfurt, we have a couple hours layover, so I hope to have an internet connection to be able to upload this. Wish me luck...

** added in Frankfurt.
I know this may seem to be a strange statement on the heels of a driving trip of over 24,000 km, but I have come to realize I am not a great traveller. #1. I get motion sick. #2. I don't sleep well in a vehicle and #3. I retain fluid terribly which causes my feet and ankles to swell. This trip; all of the above!

You define a good trip by negatives: you didn't get hijacked, you didn't crash, you didn't throw up, you weren't late, you weren't nauseated by the food. So you are grateful.
Paul Theroux

...but I am grateful!


JoAnne said...

Wow, three Schnibbles! You are right--you do have a mini-parade. I love them all. I'm in love with French General, so Sue's is right up my alley. Your red and yellow version is great, too! How fun that you "saved" that idea. And your sister's is so sweet! Good luck on your travels. I'm really hoping your bags arrive. When I've been in that same situation--mine have, so crossing my fingers!

Sue W. said...

Glad to see that your trip across the pond went well. Will look forward to "traveling along" with you. Have fun....keeping my fingers crossed that you meet up with your luggage.

HollyM said...

You made it! Somehow I missed your last post about your house. That will surely be bitter sweet.
We're sure going to miss you.
I look forward to your posts from abroad.

Sarah said...

More travelling! Wow, you are seeing a lot of the world. Good on you, and lucky you! Your schnibbles all look great. I love French General fabrics. Hope your luggage caught up with you?

Barb Gibney said...

Bon voyage dear sister...i love your schnibbles. I must say yellow is a colour I might have a hard time fi ding in my stash, well maybe a charm square might be fussy cut out of some piece but I would guess not. But I love what you have done with yours.sue's is adorable as is all the french general fabrics. There is such a softness to it all.
Ahh and thank-you for including me on your schnibbles journey with you and sue

So you are off with luggage following behind you I hope and every thing of nececity inside. Enjoy the rest of the journey and we will skype soon I hope . Big hugs

Thelma said...

Wendy, I always look forward to your and Sue's entries in the Schnibbles parade, another great job. I'm so glad you signed up for another year and added a member to your group. I didn't get to this month's pattern but look forward to joining you next month!

Donna said...

Great little mini parade. Happy quilting.

Linda said...

I am in love with the red and yellow combo!

Michele said...

All three of these Gentle Art quilts are beautiful! How fun that you posted about them together :-) Enjoy your trip! I love the quote about traveling at the end! LOL!! Unfortunately I've had a trip or two that would fall into the negative category LOL!! I hope your trip is wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip: A few tips: for motion sickness, get a set of "Sea bands"/....usually at a pharmacy....they are bracelets but really work...acupressure is the principle. for the swollen feet....elevate, avoid tight shoes or stockings (You might "have to" buy a pair of spanish shoes....drink lots of water, avoid salt as much as possible...(these last 2 are difficult to do on a tour such as yours)Just sayin'

Sinta Renee said...

I just love it that Barb has joined in with you both! Your quilts are so fun to look at... and so diverse. Thanks so much for being in the parade! Have a safe trip back home!

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