Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is so much more special when your children are close, and unfortunately that is not the case for me. Still, it was nice to talk with each of them today and know that they were thinking of me. My daughter gave me my present early; when I was visiting with her last month and my son told me today that he will give me his gift next month when we are together.

Mr. O gave me some lovely flowers and a very pretty card.

Mother's Day Menu:
Baked Ham
Potato Salad
Salad of greens/berries, sliced pears, candied pecans etc
Devilled eggs
Fresh rolls
Sides of relish/pickles, tomatoes, cheese stuffed celery
Peach/strawberry punch
Tea and coffee

We had company for dinner today after church and as always it is nice to spend time with old friends. Mr. O helped with the morning preps and then did most of the dishes while I set things aright and put away food and tidied up afterwards. I may be one of the few people left who does not have a dishwasher. I had one for many years when our family was all home and busy and it was a real timesaver, but when we did the renos a few years back I decided that we didn't really need a dishwasher for just two people. We had our kitchen cabinets custom made and I had one cabinet made so that if I ever changed my mind, a dishwasher could be added, but it just never happened.

We are fed, and alone now; Mr. O is watching golf; there are enough leftovers for munching and supper tomorrow, and I plan to sew away the evening. Pretty good day I think.

The only thing really missing is not being able to call and wish my Mom a Happy Mother's Day. It is almost two years since she left us, and I still catch myself thinking of things I want to tell her. I wonder, does that ever go away? I miss you Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends who are Mom's.

Here a few smiles for all my friends who are quilters;

I am off to have fun, and maybe next post I will have something quilty to show you.


JoAnne said...

Happy Mother's Day. I was away from my daughter today, too, but it was still a nice day! I got taken out to breakfast and I spent some time sewing, too, so it was a good day. Plus the weather is gorgeous--cool and sunny.

Barb Gibney said... are right, Sis. It is nice when you have your children to spend Mothers day with and we are very fortunate that we have Tamm and her family here. They took u sout to a wonderful brunch , then had a wonderful family day and ended with an outdoor barbeque supper of salads and barbequed smokies and of course ,,,my favorite; hotdogs made by her Mother in law. What a great day but still so very hard to not be able to talk to Mom and tell her how very much I love and miss her. I loved getting her call on Saturday saying the delivery man had just left from dropping off her gift and how thrilled she was. I could always see the smile on her face as she described her flowers and gift.
Glad to hear you spent a wonderful Mother's day with special friends

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