Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Day 7: Flagstaff, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada

Very cold this morning. Minus ten...but beautifully sunny. After leaving Flagstaff we decided to take a little side trip. We had originally intended to see the Grand Canyon next week, but I mean how can you drive by knowing you are only about 45 minutes away from one of the biggest attractions in America. We were a little ahead of schedule so why not. While driving down the road to the canyon, we spied this creature having lunch.

An elk. Not my first time seeing these animals but still exciting.
We took a few pics of the canyon(about a hundred or so)
Have a look...

After an hour or two we got back on the road and headed to Vegas. Not the prettiest city I have ever seen. We found our condo, and moved in..made a few calls to family, started a load of laundry, went for groceries, made a stop at a hardware store looking for rotary cutter blades then Michaels for a circular knitting needle and then made our way back to the condo via Las Vegas Blvd.
Back home; put groceries away; start another load of laundry and the head out to the airport for midnight to meet our daughter and her husband.
Ahhh life in Vegas is exciting! ...but please remember, what happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas.


gail.elizabeth said...

Amazing photos Wendy... Glad to hear you made it to your destination safely..
Have fun..
God Bless..

Barb H said...

Glad you stopped at the GC for a peak. I was there last March and I think Don and I had our pic taken together at the same spot as you did! Never been to Vegas so I'm anxious to hear of your adventures there.

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