Friday, February 22, 2013

OVER 5000km. under our belt...

Lots of driving, but the goal is in site.

Day 6: Albuquerque, New Mexico to Flagstaff, Arizona

Would you like to see what I saw when I looked out our motel window this morning?

I cannot believe I actually entertained the thought of a swim in that pool you see peeking through the trees. It was a nice day yesterday, but boy oh boy, when it the temperature started to drop, it really dropped. Listening to the news/weather this morning, there were a lot of places that got the same kind of surprise that I did.

Apparently Aloe Vera plants are much tougher than I knew. This was at a highway ret stop this morning.
This next photo is definitely not a great picture of me, but I took it to illustrate something at the same rest stop...

Now you may be thinking, I am a "few strips short of a jellyroll" for taking a photo of myself in a bathroom stall, but I am only 5'3" and you will notice my head is quite a bit higher than the door. Is it just me, or is that a bit odd? I guess maybe in this neck of the woods you don't look for feet below the door to see if a stall is occupied; you just peek over the top on your way by!

Ok, let's change the subject...

We are still following along the old hi way Route 66. Every little community has their own Route 66 museum, none of which we stopped at... I kind of wanted to, but it was quite chilly and extremely windy out so once I got nestled in my seat in the car I hated to get out if it really wasn't necessary. I just sat back and enjoyed the marvellous scenery. New Mexico's nickname is Land of Enchantment and it isn't too hard to understand why... The landscape is hauntingly beautiful.

We stopped at a local quilt shop to find a few things on my list. I was looking for Monique Dillard's rulers "Fit to Be Square", and a good price on 505 spray baste, and a striped Navajo luck I am afraid, but I did find a few more fabrics to round out fabrics I am purchasing for my oldest grand daughter's quilt...oh and a couple other fabrics. I would show you what I bought but I left the bag in the car and I am not going ,out in the cold to fetch can wait till tomorrow.
I do however have a few pics I took in the shop

This shop seemed to be owned and run by two men; (father and son I think)
There were some very lovely local flavour prints, but not much in the way of samples.
While I was there, a sales rep from Henry Alexander fabrics was giving a demo of upcoming fabrics. I watched a bit of the demo, but Mr. O was wandering around the shop waiting for me, so I thought I should focus on the job at hand.

I mentioned that I would show some of my treasures from a previous shopping day. Have a peek...

A couple new books, some flannel for pillowcases for a quilt I made this past fall, a pkg. of vintage mini fabric panel, and a piece of French fabric.

A collection of fabrics for my granddaughter's quilt. All but the first fabric on the left will be incorporated in that quilt, along with a few others I have at home.

On to Las Vegas tomorrow. Our daughter and son in law are flying in from Saskatchewan to spend the next week with us. Thankfully we chose to rent a condo away from the "strip". After seeing the horrific report on the news today
I'm not sure I want to be anywhere near there, but we have purchased tickets for a Cirque du Soleil show and then plan to visit Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. It should be be a fun few days. We will be busy but I promise to try to keep you updated.


gail.elizabeth said...

The landscape looks amazing.. The fabric colours are gorgeous ... I would have been real quick in that bathroom stall.. Lol
Be safe...

HollyM said...

It looks so interesting to see shops with styles so different than ours.
Amazing landscape! No sympathy for the snow after what we got, lol!

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