Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's a long way...

From Northern New Brunswick to Las Vegas !
Day 1
Bathurst, N.B. to Syracuse,N.Y.
Nothing too exciting, just the way I like it on a winter voyage. We had a few snow squalls but nothing to compare to the high winds and 20 - 40cm.(10-18") I left back at home. We spent the night at a hotel just west of Syracuse. Big cosy king sized bed with lots of big fluffy pillows, the shower...meh!
Day 2
Syracuse N.Y. To just west of Indianapolis, Indiana
Another long day of driving, with an hour or two of "lake effect" snow that made driving a bit tricky but nothing serious. Lots of deer and wild turkey.
I knit a scarf for me and started a pair of fair aisle boot cuffs in Harley Davidson colours for my daughter.

This is my scarf.

Indianapolis skyline at sunset.
I wanted to show off a couple of projects I completed at my quilt retreat last weekend.

Again, not the greatest photo, but I made a couple of sets of pillow cases and I finally finished a rag quilt for my grandson. It's all clipped and washed and packed in the trunk of the car ready to hand deliver to him next month when we pass through Saskatchewan.
I also finished a HD pillow for my son in law.(pic to follow later)

I pieced,these very very old blocks together and sashed and bordered them at retreat as well. Sent it off to be quilted and received it back on Thursday...sewed on the binding and on Friday
I kissed it good bye and mailed it off to my sister for her birthday next week. These blocks have been hanging around in my UFO pile for fifteen; YES! FIFTEEN YEARS! High time they were made into a quilt I say...
Just as a matter of interest this was the project we made for our learn to quilt project. A little ambitious, and even though there is hardly a point left on any of the stars and definitely not a 1/4" seam to be found, I sort of like it, and almost hated to part with it.

I want to share a little bit of old news with you. We have a group of about 12 ladies who formed a bit of a satellite group aside from the guid. We have formed a strong bond and have been there for each other through happy and sad times over the last 12 to 15 years. When someone reaches a 60th birthday they are gifted a quilt made by our is our latest.

It is a spool quilt pattern from Camille Roskelley. Easy to put together and such a bright and cheery quilt...great for scraps too!

The next little thing I wanted to share is a recipe I found on line.

I found the recipe here

Very yummy,quick and easy. A steamy hot bowl of delicious soup with a slice of fresh pumpernickel bread...the thing dreams are made of. Mmmmm

Ok, time to hit the sack...another long day coming up. I wonder what it has in store for us....


Linda H said...

Oh I LOVE following along on someone's trip!! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure! Happy Trails and safe driving...

Linda H said...

Ooops! I forgot to comment on the gorgeous quilts too. You've been busy Wendy! Great to get a few UFO's off the pile isn't it? Great to see the spool quilt too- and so much fun to see some familiar faces there!! Hi Paula Ann and Donna!!

gail.elizabeth said...

Thanks for the updates on your trip Wendy.. Keep em coming...

JoAnne said...

Fifteen years as a UFO and you finished! That is quite a lot of inspiration for quilters everywhere. I'm glad you are having a safe trip. I wish I could have been near Indianapolis. My daughter lives there.

Here's to continued safe journey!

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