Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mama Mia!

What a day!
Drove from Assisi to Florence. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery! To visit the province of Tuscany here in Italy has always been a dream, and here we are! Florence, the home of Michaelangelo's David, the home of Galileo, Amerigo Vespugi; so much history!

Doors of the Baptistry carved from bronze.

Tower homes of the rich and famous over 700 years ago. The higher you built the richer and more important you were. These buildings are still being inhabited today. Many are 5 - 7 stories high with no elevators! You walk up and down the stairs every time you want to go somewhere and furniture has to be moved by a crane through windows...

So much history and ancient buildings, it seems so odd to see this...electric cars. They are encouraged and therefore are given free parking and charge posts. Driving and parking is a major problem in cities so congested with people, huge buildings and extremely narrow streets. For us foreigners looking on there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the way people drive, no rules, but it seems to work ok for the locals so who am I to argue.
Another big highlight to my day...I found a charming little quilt shop! Yes I took a few pics and yes I bought fabric, but the pics are on the phone and I am not equipped to load them on to the ipad. I looked specifically for fabrics NOT made in North America and managed to spend 100 euros and could quite easily have spent another couple hundred, but one must use a little self control when one is shopping for fabric...
Tomorrow we head to Pisa. ( I am told that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually straight if you drink enough wine ) I however do not plan to test that theory.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the updates's fun touring with you. But you forgot one thing.... pictures of your quilt shop purchases!!!!


Jackie said...

Wow are not all having a wonderful trip, enjoying the pictures and all of your updates, I'm telling I really feel like I'm there too, don't you feel that way too Sue? Yes we also want to see your purchases!


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