Friday, May 11, 2012

Breakfast, lunch and supper...

Yesterday was another adventure. We woke and had breakfast in Germany, lunch in France and supper in Switzerland. In the morning we took drive to Heidelberg to view and visit Heidelberg Castle. Such a pretty and peaceful place...As you can see Amsterdam is certainly not the only city where biking is prominent.

...some scenes in Heidelberg

The Elizabeth Gate, given to Elizabeth on her 17th birthday from her husband King Frederick.

A long way from home, but onward to Strasbourg, France...a very busy and beautiful city.

After lunch in an outdoor cafe we spend a bit of time wandering around before heading to Switzerland. We had been forewarned that because we were staying in a smaller village the hotel may not be as upscale as most... We need not have troubled ourselves over that bit of information...just look at the view from one of our TWO balconies!

As pretty as these are the photos don,t come close to doing this scenery justice.
We have had a long day and the only scenery i really want to see right now is my pillow so ... Gueten Abig.
Till tomorrow (or the next time we have internet available)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Wendy. I love the pictures. Great way to travel through Europe.....on a zero budget!!!


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