Friday, November 11, 2011

Just curious...

This summer when I was away on vacation, I had my daughter with me at a quilt shop I was visiting. She fell in love with several patterns from this book

This is way out of my comfort zone and very far removed from my choice of quilting patterns. However once I sat and took the time to look at the patterns in the book, they started to grow on me.
I decide to purchase the book with the intention of making one of the quilts as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Well as you may know, my life ended up taking a few unexpected twists and turns and I have done little to none in the quilting department. One thing good though; the book has no "best before" date so it's project will sit patiently waiting until I can get to it.
So what I am curious about is this; do you find yourself making the same kinds of projects,with the same colour ways, or do you venture out and try all kinds of techniques, colours and styles in your quilting?
While browsing different blogs this morning, I stumbled across a BLOG offering a Karla Alexander pattern give away. You had a choice of several patterns and lo and behold when I checked them out it would seem K A definitely has a wide range of patterns to her credit. She is certainly not stuck on one style! If I win and I am not holding my breath here people; but if I win, this is the one I would choose

It is called Fish Out Of Water. A perfect wall hanging for the wall at the cottage, or for my son who is an avid salmon fisherman. Wish me luck!


HollyM said...

I have the book and made one quilt from it. They are fun!
I didn't see the choice of patterns, but the Fish Out of Water is beautiful!

Linda H said...

I love the Fish Out of Water too! I tend to stick to my comfort zone, re. colors and style, but every once in a while, it's good to do something different. Good to stretch yourself once in a while. I usually am hesitant, but feel good once it's done, and usually, I like it!

Wendy said...


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