Monday, December 6, 2010

Movin' right along...

That would be the days; not me. I seem to take so long to get things done, but I am making progress, so I will show you a few things I have been working on.

(this was not staged; I was working away and next thing I knew Mr. O was taking a pic)

I have been working away at a few Christmas gifts. A set of placemats all pieced and quilted; 2 complete

and 2 patiently waiting for their binding.(hopefully today)

I pieced and quilted a table topper for another gift.

Do you have any idea how much mess I can make in my sewing room, making a simple table topper like this one? I pulled out 28 different fabrics from my stash. Well, once they are out you need to measure and cut they are stacked on the side of the table waiting to be returned to the shelves...
That's another thing I really need to do today is tidy up a bit...I like to tidy between projects, but I have been a bit slack in that dept. lately. ( Hey folks, just keepin' it real! Not so real that I am going to show you the mess

I also made binding for this...
Taa- Daa!!

Did the hand sewing this weekend and it is done!

I used a lot of the leftovers to piece the back too. 

More than once people have said," did you know some of your whites are a bit yellowed? Well yes, I do know...I looked for those kinds of whites .My first thoughts when I saw this quilt a few years back was that it looked very old, scrappy and sort of having a feel like the woman who might have made it years ago used whatever she had available..whites, off whites, ecru, all kinds of reds; not from a "kit" or a "collection". That was the look I was striving for, and I think I did it. 
I hope to start another one after Christmas. Not the same pattern, but the same style. It is this one...
I have already starting collecting the fabrics, which is why I was able to pull 28 tan and blacks for the above table runner.

Fruitcake baking is a little late this year, but the fruit is all cut and ready to be added to a batter later this afternoon. Probably make a light fruitcake tomorrow. I am trying a new recipe this year; anxious to see how it turns out.

Let's see...what else have I been up to since we last met? Oh yeah, I have been waiting for a back order of yearn for scarves since early October, but thought maybe I couldn't hold out any longer, so I am making this scarf in white instead of the color I originally intended. If the one I am waiting for comes in this week then I guess I will make another one. Check this out.

I am so blessed. A friend who knows I have been carrying a heavier load these days made supper for us Thursday of last week. A wonderful steamy pot of Italian soup, and a orange rhubarb loaf. Another friend added the fresh rolls and voila! my supper was ready. Thanks girls; it is much appreciated.

Also had friends stop by yesterday for a visit and came bearing gifts, a rose for Rose, a fruit tray, a seasonal plant and a beautiful digital photo frame. If I ever start in to whining about how tough life is, please remind I have no call to complain. I am more than blessed...

Busy, busy day today. I gave the elves the day off so I have lots to get done. 


Dolores said...

So nice for the elves to get the day off. Great going on the projects. I was tired just looking at it all.

HollyM said...

Wow! It sure looks like you're getting a lot done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy - Oh that "over the hill" quilt -- I think I need to make one using Grandma's real farm! What kind of yarn are you using for that scarf - it is so cute and looks soft! I enjoy reading your blog. Louanne


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