Monday, December 20, 2010

I broke my foot...sigh!

But let's start with something a little more positive. I managed to get the last of the parcels posted on Friday. I am thinking I should have bought a ticket and hand delivered them though...$122.00 postage is a little hard to swallow. I sent 1 parcel express post (which was not the fastest option, by the way) but the other 4 small ones went regular mail. I don't know about you, but that seems a bit pricey to me.  However it is so good to have that monkey off my back. I am running so late this year, but I take courage knowing that Christmas will come around again and I have another chance to get it right.
I received a lovely little surprise in Friday's mail...I think I mentioned that I won a give-away from Monika at My Sweet Prairie  

 Here's what I won...

Saturday morning Mr.O brought me coffee in bed. I did get up and take it out to the living room to sip away at though and just look what I saw...

Do you have any idea how long it has been since I saw sunshine like this in my livingroom? We have had so much rain and cloud in the last week or so that I just had to grab my camera and capture this moment.

A little later in the day we received a delivery from the local florist. This brings the count to number 5 in my Thomas Kincaid winter cottages. With the mere flick of a tiny switch there is even a light that shines through the windows.

I had a bit of spare time Saturday evening after getting Rose settled in for the night (NOT!) So I decided to make up a small gift for someone. Hope she likes it...

Making tourtiere tomorrow. Mr. O loves his tourtiere and I have to say it is great having them done and in the freezer...never stuck for a meal! I posted the recipe last year in case anyone is interested. Just click on the magazine page and it will enlarge enough to read.

Since moving to New Brunswick many years ago I have been introduced to the Acadian type of meat pie. Very,very tasty!  I tried making them many years ago. Mr. O liked it, BUT said he preferred the Tourtiere, and because he eats the lions share of the pie I make the ones he likes. However...I have a few dear friends who know I enjoy the Acadian style pie and this weekend were generous enough to deliver not 1 BUT 3 pies to me. Thank you so much ladies!

That leads me to this.....
I broke my foot!

My 1/4" foot that is. I am not so sure I broke it or just plain wore it out but it is broke none the less. I may have to find a quilt shop that sells Janome parts and go shopping...darn!

All in all a good weekend...except for the broken foot of course!


HollyM said...

You had me a little worried there on the broken foot! I'm also looking for a walking foot for the Janome so let me know if you order from Campbellton. I will be going up in January by the way.

bArb said...

you brat!! I so thought that you were going to go through Christmas like I did for my 3 weeks at Mom's last year...I'm so glad to hear you have only a Janome fracture...Now go and get those feet moving and find a new one! One can not be with out a foot as important as that! and is that the winterwonderland quilt I see laying on the arm of the chair? How nice

Hugs Barb