Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you see what I see...?

Not too much to report in the finishing department today. Been too busy running the roads. I do hope to remedy that today however. Want to see what I see in the mornings from the window by my computer?

Makes getting up at 5:30 a.m. worth it; don't ya think?

I have accomplished a few things these last few days. Let's see...

1. Made my fruitcakes. (well the dark ones anyway..light ones this weekend.)

2. Finished knitting my scarf.

3. Sewed the binding on another table topper. (Pictures to follow at a later date, when the hand stitching is completed)

4. Took out a few seasonal decorations.

5. I have a hat half knit and a wall hanging that I started cutting out last night...78 2.5" blocks! Much to yet to do...have a wonderful day.

Oh! I almost forgot to share some news...I entered a give away draw on a Monika's blog,
and she informed me last night that I won! Yay me!  Check it out here.


Sharyn said...

Hi Wendy, I thought I'd left a comment but it didn't seem to be there. So, if I leave it twice, I'm sorry.
I can see you've been busy - you are very talented and productive! I had never heard of apple butter but I want to make some now. My sister makes lemon butter and passionfruit butter so I will be able to surprise her with something different. Our dogs are called Roxy and Scooby and they are mother and son. We love them but they are a bit of a handful in town. They were a lot happier when we were on acerage... Anyway, your photos of Uk and Ireland are beautiful - well done! I found a good pattern for a quilted purse so I'll keep you updated on my progress. Bye for now, Sharyn.

bArb said...

Morning, Sis....oh it feels good to be home. I've enjoyed playing catch up on your blog. and oh, did I tell you my new winter coat is black and white and a tad of off white mixed in too...hint hint..
I love everything you have been working on. Look forward to seeing more of what those little elves at your place have been up too

Great Big Morning hugs to you

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