Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pondering Plenty of Project Patterns

Want a peek at what I have been finding on line. Free patterns! Got to love free patterns!
Check out the Happy Little Lanterns . Can't you just see colorful paper chinese lanterns dancing in the breeze outside the cottage or on your gazebo? That is what that quilt reminds me of.

The next one is not a pattern really; it is a tutorial but would make a lovely gift for a housewarming; you could frame it, but you could do something much smaller like a cushion, with a pieced border. I am sure the possibilities are endless. Check it out right here .

Canada Day is fast approaching. How about this one? It is small but the size could be changed to make placemats quite easily.

What about a tutorial for Grandmothers Flower Garden . This gal gives some mighty clever tips along the way and this gal explains it her way and gives you lots of pictures. I always said that I figured anyone making one of these babys needed therapy, but these gals make it look so easy I am going to give it a try. It is a perfectly  portable project! You know I may have had it worng all these years...you don't need therapy; doing these little gems is therapy!
While you are there slide down and check out her patterns. My goodness she leaves nothing out. I tried to pick a favorite but I love them all...the quilters world is awesome right down to the cord on her iron, and the gingerbread man one with the recipe; and the scarecrow one... womans work or comforts of home
Did I mention I can't pick a favorite?

Well that's it...your turn to find some. Don't forget to share them with me though!

Now because a post just doesn't measure up without a photo..

Know what I will be doing tomorrow?  Watching the sun set right here. See you at the beach!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you & Mr. O will be spending time in Paradise this summer. After the year that you both have had you more than deserve it! Hope to visit & maybe sample some of those rhubarb delights that you were tempting us with....glad you are back. Sue

bArb said...

sighhhhh one of these years........

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