Monday, June 14, 2010

Not seeing much sun...

What's up with that?  Weather man is so wishy washy these days; rain; no rain; sun; no sun. Make up your mind already, I got painting to do! One set of steps painted and one left to do before heading to paradise. I have a few little projects I would  like to try once I get there. Here is one of them. Here is another. I have been gathering up vintage glass pieces to make one of these. Have a few other projects along the same line for feeders and just totems too.
I must to try to make the front entry steps  look as spiffy as these ones.

Oh by the way...Want to see what I made for dessert yesterday? Talk about an easy dessert. Tasty too! Looks like you really fussed But you didn't! My kind of dessert!

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