Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Should Have Seen It Coming...

Well I am out of hospital with a clean bill of health so far! Well not squeaky clean, but they are leaning to the idea that I had a low grade viral infection which may have caused the general malaise and fever. In the process they found some polyps in the bowel that they removed and took biopsies,  gastritis in the stomach, apparently my good cholesterol is too low, so I need to exercise more and be more diligent about diet, but all in all the reports were good. Still waiting for Cardio Ultrasound results, gallium scan and biopsy results, but I am expecting nothing major. One very bizarre thing they did find was a benign tumour on the lining of the brain. It is an old tumour though and they know this because it apparently has calcified and that takes ten years to happen. So that is not to be worried about either!
I should have the rest of the results by the first week of October when I return home from our vacation.
Yes! We are on the road again...on our way to Regina Saskatchewan, a two day stop there to rest up and pick up our grandson who is going to accompany us to Yellowstone National Park. 
Expect some pictures!

Our furst day of travelling was in Canada, but today on our second day we crossed over into the US with plans of entering back into Canada via North Dakota just south of Regina.
Mr O is always so prepared for these border crossings. Make sure there are no prohibited foods in the cooler, have your passport out and open, have your toll money ready...check, check, check!
We rolled up to border patrol booth and instantly set off alarms. First question was, "who was recently hospitalized?" I am thinking...seriously! How do you know that?!
Apparently the radiation levels in our vehicle were too high and set off alarms!
We were asked to pull over and I had to get out of the car with a guard and go to a shelter to be scanned and radiation levels taken. While that was happening they were checking the levels in the vehicle with me out of it...all good.
They really were very good about all of it, and asked for papers from the hospital but I told them it had only been a little better than a week and I had no result papers yet and before long we were on our way. 
This had happened to a relative of mine a while back but I didnt know the details and really never even thought about my nuclear tests posing a problem. I should have seen it coming though...

I joking told Mr O while I was in hospital that with all the tests and dyes injected in me I would glow in the dark, I guess I wasn't too far off eh?

I will be crossing the border again in two days back into Canada..should be interesting to see what transpires. Stay tuned!


Barb Gibney said...

Ha are just too funny dear sister. But so happy you are well and can be on the road again

Barb Gibney said...

Ha are just too funny dear sister. But so happy you are well and can be on the road again

HollyM said...

I'm glad everything seems to be good from your tests. The virus may have provided you with the lucky opportunity to have found the polyps and had them removed.
Now you can enjoy your trip and concentrate on getting healthy.
Yellowstone Park. What a great place to start!

Michelle said...

Lol, glow you do Momma!! Can't wait to see you guys! Xo

Sinta Renee said...

That is amazing!

I am glad you are doing better!

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