Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A+ Would Be Nice, But As Long As I Pass.....

My plan the next day after reading my last post was to be a bit more positive. Goodness! It sounded like something from  Lady Sings The Blues 

and I really should have been singing something from Oklahoma instead...maybe Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

I even took some pictures of my quilts airing on the line and my view from the hammock while having a little rest to add to my post.

You see I figured as long as I was on this side of the fence things were good and I really shouldn't be complaining. I even managed to finally put the last 3 sides of the border on my BFF quilt! 

I tried to pick a favourite block but that's like trying to pick a favourite grandchild...they're all unique and special for different reasons or qualities, so I gave up and decided to just show you a close up of a few different ones.
I went to the golf course with Mr.O and walked 9 holes (5km) with him in an effort to get some excercise and build up some stamina. 

It was a nice walk and I have to say I enjoyed it, but there was not much stamina built up on my part. By the time I Got home I needed a nap!

I had planned to tell you all about our little quilt show here in Tabusintac for Old Home Week

I was going to tell you all about the lovely visit from family. My brother, and cousins family. 

My brother enjoyed the sightseeing, the ocean, the campfires every night.

I even turned over my kitchen to my cousin's husband who is a chef and Italian to boot. How could I go wrong with roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and porketta ( pork loin stuffed with spinach and sun dried tomatoes with garlic and parmesan) on the menu. 

My meagre contribution to the meal was homemade coconut cream pie.

Yes indeed, that was my plan, to blog and bring you up to speed on all the happenings at Winterpast. However I really was not feeling to perky and ended up running a fever of 100 - 101 all week and consequently I ended up at the ER to have things checked out. I must say I had a wonderful thorough Dr. who really took time to try to help me. One of the blood tests showed slightly elevated CRP (?) which caused him to consult with an Infectious Disease Specialist in Moncton who suggested I be admitted so here I sit. 

I have been poked and prodded and filled with so many different kinds of dyes that I have warned Mr O I may glow in the dark once I get home. But the good thing in all of this is that my heart has been thoroughly checked with cardio ultra sound, my torso has been injected with dye to check most organs, Have had a total body bone scan, and I am still in the process of more testing. I am going down in a couple hours for a colonoscopy and upper gastro scope, so there won't be many areas that have not been checked. Thorough blood work and head scans, have revealed that there is a brain but nothing else that should not be there. No TB, no HIV, no diabetes, or cholesterol problems.(very slightly elevated cholesterol numbers but nothing that needs meds) Still waiting on cardiac results and bone scan results etc and I know I will not pass with A+ in all the tests but as long as I pass that is what matters. There may be a few lifestyle changes to be made, but if it makes me healthier then it is worth the work. I have to say that Mr O has been my rock ( and of course my faith in God). I really feel for people who go through illnesses alone. It must be so tough. He has tended on me with meds, blankets, cold drinks, hot drinks, heat bags, ice packs, meals, encouragement and moral support etc etc etc. 
i have to tell you though, that it pays to have worry wart for a daughter because as soon as she received a call from Dad saying Mom was in hospital she booked a flight from Regina to Bathurst. She had to come and see for herself that Mom was okay. Thanks Michelle! So good to see you, even if it is For a short spell under less than great conditions.


Linda H said...

Oh Wendy, so sorry you are going through this, but on the other hand it's good you are getting thoroughly checked over. Hope you pass all tests with flying colours and are feeling 110% very soon! Your BFF quilt is lovely!
Take good care. xo

gail.elizabeth said...

My prayer for you is that God wraps you in his loving arms and heals and gives clarity to all you need to know with all those tests being done... God will never take you where the GRACE of God cannot protect you... I'm praying...

Barb H said...

Well, you look pretty chipper for one who's being kept in the hospital! I hope the docs discover what's causing your fever and treat it tout suite. Love your BFF quilt. Can you share the pattern?

PS--I'm not your sister Barb

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