Monday, January 12, 2015

Tisket a Tasket

Friday was a sister day. Barb and I tackled our long awaited Harvey pattern. I'm happy to say that things went together very smoothly. Now don't get me wrong...we didn't get them finished. 
By the time we made coffee and a toast and then Barb gave me my birthday gift and we chatted about things it was 10:30 before I even turned my machine on. Marking and sewing just under 100 hst's and then cutting and squaring them up took a good bit of time. After all the blocks were squared up I had a cute little pile of trimmings that looked like a perfect little bird's nest.

I tossed a couple of bobbins onto the pile of trimmings and it was too cute not to photograph. We worked so hard and that worked up our appetites so then we had lunch. More sewing and by supper we had all the centre units done.

I know that had we worked alone it would have gone faster but it would not been nearly as enjoyable, so I'm okay with the slower progress. Faster is not always better.

Another few hours of work yielded these

Barb used Zen Sphere and dark grey Kona cotton.

Mine on the other hand was a mish mash of white and cream backgrounds with mostly low volume print. The background is a brown with a tiny black swirl. It doesn't photograph well at night but you get the idea. 
The lower rows still need to be added to the upper and then the outer border pieced, but hopefully by the end of the week this baby will be ready for the long arm quilter. 
I do hope to get some progress made tomorrow. 

Yesterday my sister and I and a dear friend from home spent the morning yard saling. I made a few good purchases. Almost everything was quilt/sewing related.
A glue gun for a little workshop we quilters are doing, making Lori Holts mini design boards.

A bargain at just $1.00

A huge roll of sewing elastic, 5 zippers, and just under 4 yards of cotton fabric for a total of  $5.25

A cute "Quilty" looking tote for just $1.00

And my big purchase

A neutral queen sized quilt and shams in amazing condition. I have 2 at home already but need one more for the guest bedroom. Why did a quilter buy a quilt you ask? Well I like to use and display my quilts and not all of them are bed sized but I figure with a neutral quilt on the bed I can accent with my other quilts. 

The best part of that purchase was that I talked the lady down to accepting my offer of $10.00
A good bargain I think!
I have been thoroughly enjoying my audio books and listened to a Marie Bostwick story today.

It's late and I really would like to make some headway tomorrow on Harvey, so stay tuned, you just may see two very large basket quilts by weeks end.

P.S. For those of you wondering, I have an appointment with a dentist in Mexico on Wednesday morning. Yay! My favourite way to spend the a dentist's office.

"I've been to the dentist several times, so I know the drill."
Author Unknown


JoAnne said...

Good luck at the dentist! Also, be careful making the design boards. They are great fun and I LOVE them and can no longer work w/o them, but last time I made some for Christmas presents, I burned my finger significantly with the hot glue. The Harvey's are looking wonderful

Jackie said...

Harvey's are looking good! No wonder, with 2 "Harvey's"making them, that explains it all! Lucky girls to be spending time together, sewing.... Sew much fun!! Good luck at the dentist!
P.S. I'll take that bedspread if you don't want it....lovely.
Have a great day!

Sinta Renee said...

Quilting is definitely better as a team. Your Harvey quilts are beautiful. I love your yard sale treasures, that had to have been a thrill!

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