Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'LL SHOW YOU MINE; YOU SHOW ME YOURS...a challenge for you!

Yesterday Nicole posted about what was on her work table. I won't tell you all about it; you can go read about it. This morning when I got up and read Carrie's blog it was referring back to Nicole's blog and then Carrie showed us her space.

 Both blogs were very well written and illustrated and because I enjoyed both posts so much I got to thinking that I can't be the only person who is curious about everyone else's tools and set, I am going to show you mine and challenge you to post about yours. If you don't have a blog, then maybe you can leave a comment and tell me about your "nest".

I say nest because that is what I often refer to my "space", wherever I happen to be. If I am in my chair in the living-room, I have my cozy things around shawl, my knitting or handwork, a coaster for my cup of coffee, usually not too far away is a picture or two of some of my loved ones. When I get into bed at night, I get myself cosy under the covers, my pillow fluffed, my light positioned just right for reading; if we are travelling, I have a tote at my feet with some handwork, my "tools" resting in a little cubby on the dash in front of me, and a book or magazine in the pouch on the door, usually a bottle of water...make my nest (so to speak).

Well the same is true of my quilting area. The job just seems so much easier if the things you need are handy. Having to get up every time you need something just slows down the creative process.
Just to the right of my sewing machine I have a rolling cart with a basket on top. I have a chest of drawers for each side of my machine that match my sewing table and that  actually are made to go there; one is in place on my left and nests under the table but the one for the right side just doesn't fit there in my new set-up, so I have had to place it elsewhere and improvise. I tried working with no extended surface on my right side, but I was constantly in a mess and looking for stuff. I needed to have my thread catcher and pin cushion handy, so I have set things up like this and hope it works better for me.
I have a large basket to "corral" all the smaller containers. It seems less messy that way.

In my basket? Bobbins in a holder, an assortment of needles in a little divided container, a white tin of band aids, 2 blue recycled tea tins hide my push pins and elastics for the bulletin board above. The little green box holds some quilter's hand cream and a few stray objects. A little dessert dish holds pkgs. of sewing machine needles as well as my used/bent needle container. My scissors are standing in a stainless and ceramic toothbrush holder. Works great for me! A small 2 handled antique porcelain bowl holds my favourite straight pins, at the very back of the basket, there is a letter/paper holder from an office supply store. In it; patterns,  my sewing machine manual, pens, pencils and markers and in another slot my machine quilting gloves and a pair of lighted magnifying glasses. I am sure you have spotted the snacks; a coffee crisp chocolate bar, a few hard candies and a bottle of Perrier.  

There are also a couple of orphaned sugar dishes I purchased from an op shop or flea market/garage sale. One small one holds an assortment of rippers (just in case..) and another larger one houses my long stemmed paint brush for cleaning my machine (those little ones that come with the sewing tool kit just don't do the job!) a couple of bone folders that Mr. O made for me out in the workshop, a small magnifying glass, tweezers, an emery board, a few cotton swabs for oiling and cleaning my machine, and my 1x6 ruler. The long brown wooden handle with the shiny thing is made from rosewood with a magnet on top for picking up pins and needles when necessary and that purple thing; well it is called a "Purple Thang"  If you don't have one, go get one!  
You will be amazed at how easy this tool will make your projects! It pushes pulls and pokes. Every quilter, crafter or seamstress needs one of these. Made of heavy plastic. You can thread a ribbon thru the slot and wear it around your neck!

I have a basket on my cutting table too. Rotary cutters, extra blades, a blade sharpener, paper scissors, a Gypsy cutter for separating chain pieced blocks and a scrap bin.

Beside my chair where I hand stitch there are a few more items. A woollen pin cushion, scissors, thread, needles, thimble and finger cots etc.
See what I mean about making my "nest"? I am not called a "rare bird" for nothing.

Speaking of birds ... 

I looked out my very dirty kitchen window today while making lunch and there was a flock of blue jays at the feeders. I counted 12 hungry jays between the 2 feeders. If you want a laugh just click on this last pic of the jays. Some of them are having a "bad hair day"

p.s I will waiting to see what you think necessary for your nest!


HollyM said...

Your nest is so much more cozy in real life! Is there anything you don't have?
I did check out the bluejays. They are too funny!
My nest is considerably smaller but perhaps I'll show it sometime.

gail.elizabeth said...

Love that you showed us your sewing nest... Looks cozy and organized compared to mine..
We are hosting a Chinese student and we gave him our spare room which is/was my sewing room.. So for now I am set up in one half of my living room... Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture and post it on my blog... And send it to you to check out my temporary nest.. With me being set up in my living room, my husband is very patient with my messes I make while working on my projects...
And I too looked closer at the blue jays... And you were right.. Bad hair day for some.. Lol

Thelma said...

You've got a lot of stuff! But your sewing space does have a cozy feel to it, thanks for sharing!

Kit Lang said...

It was fun seeing your sewing nest - here's mine:

Fun to find your blog too! :)

Carrie said...

I love your "nest"! I especially love that you call it your nest. But you already knew that. :)

I think you stated it perfectly ~ the job is so much easier if the things you need are handy.

I think that's why we enjoying seeing how/where other people work, it almost always gives us an idea ~ or twelve ~ that will work for us. So thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I have fallen behind in my blog reading/ enjoyment, but I am catching up tonight....I love, love, love every word! Interesting, YES, funny, YES, and cool? Definitely!!!!

DonnaC. said...

Hey< I pressed Name, not anonymous, I am one of your numerous admirers and fans....Donna

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