Monday, February 13, 2012

..part two of Feeling Sheepish

I had planned on writing this on Saturday but...but...(here we go again)
I hear Science programs dealing with the earth's axis and how the degree of tilt has changed...Do you think it has possibly shortened the days or speeded them up so that we really don't have 24 hours in them any more? I only ask because I don't seem to get as much done in a 24 hour period anymore. I know it could be that I am trying to cram too many things into a 24 hour period; it could also be because I am older slower than I used to be but until I have proof otherwise I am blaming it on the earth's changes...
Still working away on retreat stuff...starting to feel panic that I am forgetting something very important, but I guess I will find out soon enough. Just 4 more sleeps!
It is a bitterly cold day and a perfect one to stay in and get some last minute things tended to.
I neglected to mention on my last blog post that I won a give away from this Blogger . (Take some time to browse through her blog archives...she has some fantastic photos of Prairie landscapes and how she interprets them in fabric.) Monika is a fantastic art quilter; she does amazing thread painting; she almost never misses a day of blogging; is always positive and upbeat AND she is Canadian! She has been published in a couple magazines and had a give away of a quilt kit she designed and had featured in the magazine A Needle Pulling Thread. It is the perfect prize for me because it is a combination of embroidery (something I love to do) and piecing (something I need to practice more).

I am so happy this kit has come to live at my house! Thanks again Monika!

I have had a friend and former neighbour visiting me from Newfoundland. We have spent many, many hours quilting in the past and it is such fun to have her back again. We of course have been up to our old tricks...staying up till all hours of the night with old movies on the television, playbooks and phones and all kinds of technology to keep us "connected", snacking on popcorn while we sew till the wee hours of the morning, only to get up and do it all over again. Cam will be staying with me until after retreat and then bright and early Monday morning we head to Halifax to spend the day with a friend who is recuperating from surgery and then back to Moncton to deliver her safe and sound to her husband who is working in Moncton for awhile. Cam has been working away on a few baby quilt she has been commissioned to make. Here is her progress so far.

Are they not cute? In her down time she has hand stitched the binding on a dozen placemats and a table runner, worked on her knitting AND been helping me with my retreat stuff! This has definitely been a working holiday for her...

Thanks Cam! It has been fun!


Monika K. (MySweetPrairie) said...

Awe - aren't you sweet: ) I haven't posted yet today! Maybe I can post about you posting about me! haha

Glad you like it. : ) That's awesome Wendy!

~Monika in Saskatoon

HollyM said...

It's amazing that you have lost 14 pounds since Christmas! Keep it up.
and very nice that you and Cam could this visit. I love her baby quilts too, especially the rectangular one with the animals.

bArb said...

Lovely quilts, Cam...and you look fabulous as always! doesn't look like you are staying up half the night! Amazing what we can do when with friends, eh! LOL Enjoy the rest of the time together you two!!!

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