Friday, February 10, 2012

Feeling Sheepish

I have a list of excuses, stories,  reasons for not blogging in so long but really, do you need to hear them?

Thought you might like to see/hear what I've been up to though...
I sent off a package to friends and family with 7 knitted scarves and 2 pillowcases that I made. It's nice to receive mail for no reason. I like to think it brightens a winter day.

I have also been working on a group project with my quilting buddies. 

The blocks were made up from the stashes of 11 ladies, but we managed to make it come together quite well and then the Countdown to Christmas fabric made a perfect border!

We used some of the leftovers for the back.

One member of our little group turned 60 a while back and we were a bit late in getting things happening, but we finally finished it and presented it to her on Tuesday evening at a local restaurant where we all met for supper before guild meeting. Deb's birthday was in December so this is a perfect quilt for a December birthday...dont-cha think?

Happy (Belated) Birthday Debbie!

Also been slaving, puttering away at guild projects. When you are making cute things x 45 it takes awhile; so it is slow going, but we are almost ready. Good thing too, because retreat is just 7 sleeps away!
We are pretty excited over our goodie bags this year, we have managed to come up with some great buys and ideas, so I think the ladies will be quite pleased.
Obviously I cannot show them now, but later...I promise.

I also tested out the mystery project pattern. (again I can't show it yet.) The usual procedure for us is this: Sue writes out the mystery project and I am the well for us and in most cases we get the bugs worked out before presenting it at retreat.

I zoomed in to one of the pieces and you can see some of the 6 required fabrics I worked with. I am so pleased with it that I will be making a few more for gifts.

I have also been working away at my PhD (projects half done). 
I finished 2 little ones (thought I would finish a couple small things to motivate me on to larger ones). I can't show them yet, because one of them is to be a "Secret Sister" gift for retreat.

This is one of the quilts I had just begun a little over 2 years ago just before Mom's accident. Obviously it was filed away for a rainy day. No it hasn't been raining here, but it was still a good time to get back at some half done projects. Eight more blocks to finish up and then I can start assembling this puppy. Hope to get it on the master bed at "Winterpast" when we open up in the spring.
Well, it would appear I do have a problem...I don't show up to blog for weeks and then when I get here I can't shut I'll try to be back tomorrow with the rest of my comings and goings.

to be continued.................


Linda H said...

Good to hear from you- I was beginning to think you were buried or stuck in a snowbank somewhere! Just kidding - you've been busy sewing- PERFECT excuse for not blogging too often...

HollyM said...

Now I want to see the mystery project and what's in those goodie bags!

gail.elizabeth said...

I'm glad to see your blog show up in my mail this morning... Was anxious to read.. Makes me excited for the retreat coming up next weekend reading about your little surprises..
My excitement for the weekend is more about being with all you wonderful ladies though than finishing up my sewing projects... You will probably see me watching the ladies or chatting more than quilting.. Lol
Thank you so much Wendy ( Sue also ) for all your hard work in putting the weekends together.. You two ladies are very much appreciated... :)
Looking forward to your continuation...
Oops, sorry for the long comment... Lol

bArb said...

Heh, Sis....always a treat to hear from you, and by the way; there can never be too much blogging. but so funny....we must be sisters, once we start we don't know when to stop! ha ha
And your quilt...I can already visualize myself underneath it this spring being all warm and cozy..VERY NICE!

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