Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a believer...

I know I sounded a little sceptical yesterday about the bread recipe, but it worked. It could have been better, but I take full responsibility for any imperfections you might see. The recipe said to just stir till all flour was moistened, to level each cup of flour, and to leave it overnight in the refrigerator for best results;

   ..I used my mixer, was a little heavy on the flour, and baked it the same day. Still it rose beautifully in the first proofing, and baked nicely, and even though may have been a bit heavier than it might have been had I followed all directions, it tasted good. One of the nice features of this bread is the very crispy crust. You lay an empty metal pan on the bottom rack of the oven when pre-heating and then when you put the bread in to bake you pour a cup or two of water in the hot pan to steam while the bread is baking. I know from working in a bakery for many years that this makes a nice crust, but I had never used this technique at home before.  The recipe makes 4 loaves about the size of a very large honeydew melon.

Since making this first batch, I did a bit more reading about this particular type of bread and they all say to leave (at least) overnight in the refrigerator, for best taste.
You can even cut off just one loaf and leave the remainder to bake a fresh loaf daily. It seems to me it is very similar to what we called "batter bread" years ago. There is a book available with recipes for many different types of this bread. I hope to borrow it from the library today and possibly buy myself a copy if I like it well enough. I am interested in making a whole grain bread like this. 

 is the link to the book.

While we are on the subject of is a pic of the breakfast I made for Mr. O and I before leaving him for a week and a half. 

Just make your favourite blueberry pancakes

Add this

and a dollop of this

(the absolute best tasting yogurt on the market, tart and lemon-y and thick like whipped cream)

Add a drizzle of yummy New Brunswick Maple syrup and here is breakfast!

I am thinking it may be time for a repeat.

Bon App├ętit !


HollyM said...

I'd like to try it but i too would like the wholegrain version.

Anonymous said...

That all looks delicious! I wish I was more talented in the kitchen. I would rather scrub dishes and clean up, and let somebody else do the cooking/baking. But when i see the photos of the bread, it makes me want to try. I think I'm too impatient though...I want everything done right away and don't like waiting. It would make my house smell awesome though, I bet!!

bArb said...

Make that one more believer....the recipe really does sound like it just could not possibly make good bread. But I guess we should trust the historical bakers, eh! you have me convinced. Starting a batch tomorrow. And oh by the way...I expect a breakfast just like that when I come visit!

Anonymous said...

I have just spent all my housework hours reading all your blog entries! Guess that is less cleaning and more creating for me! Thanks so much for sharing, you will continue to be a creative source for me.

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