Thursday, April 14, 2011

Call me skeptical but ...

I have been making bread for almost 40 years, and I always add a bit of sugar to the yeast, (doesn't yeast need sugar to grow?)and a bit of butter/oil, sometimes milk and egg, depending on the recipe.  I have been seeing a recipe for Artisan Bread popping up on several blogs and thought I would give it a try. Now there are only 4 ingredients in this bread recipe. Water, yeast, coarse salt, and flour.
I thought I would give it a try...

Already I am not to pleased. It seems not as moist as the pic I have seen on the blog I referred to for the recipe. I will let it rise for the requisite 2 hours before passing too much comment though.

By the way is that not just the cutest tea towel? I have the matching apron too. I treated myself to the apron on one of my trips to help care for Mom last year and when I went back to the  shop last week she had the matching towels, so I had to get one of those too.

Speaking of aprons, I made an apron yesterday with some of the themed fabric I purchased while in Ont. My daughter dabbles in wine making at home and I think this would be perfect for her.

One more thing before I go. 

My Mr. O is a celebrity of sorts...well in my eyes anyway. There is a full page article in the paper featuring one of the projects he had been involved in for the last year or so.
 It has to do with miner certification...something that was unheard of when he started in the mines 43 years ago. He is part of a National Committee for Miner Certification and some of the men from our local mine will be certified this week...I believe this is a first for the Canadian mining industry.

Bravo Mr. O and Congratulations to all who are being certified on Friday.

I know I said "one thing before I go", but I just thought of something else.
I have been telling myself that the bedrooms need painting and if I am going to the trouble of painting, maybe I should change the colours too. Well yesterday I was walking down the hallway from the bathroom and the way the light was shining in our room, made me stop and think how much I still liked it...I'm not ready to change colours yet and you know maybe it can wait til next spring to be painted too! Yes!! One more thing off my "To Do " list.

Sure looks cozy, especially on this dreary old, wet and drizzly day. I wish someone would say,"Wendy. Go to your room! ...and stay there !"

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HollyM said...

I noticed the article while I read at breakfast this morning. good for George.
I say if you like the color leave it. It's to scratch something off your list.
I'll be waiting to hear how the bread turns out.

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