Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

I thought I would go for a little walk yesterday morning before Church. I was only gone for about 10 minutes and came home to redress...actually I came back for something for my head and ears, but I should have put on warmer clothes as well. It was a bit frosty... -15 with a breeze. Not unbearable but cool! Now I grew up in Northern Ontario where the thermometer dropped to -50 quite frequently. It was a dry, snappy, crunchy cold. I usually can handle the cold not to badly...but in the Maritimes    -50 would be unbearable!  The humidity with the frigid temps is so much harder to take. I brought my camera with me, and in the space of 30 - 40 minutes I killed the battery from the cold temps. I tried keeping it inside my jacket, but that was a nuisance. There was not too much exciting to photograph but I did manage a few nice shots.

Love the old abandoned barn hiding in the trees. It is such a pretty property in the spring with all the apple trees in blossom, but at this time of the year I just drive by and hardly ever notice it. Things look so much different when you pass by at 5 km per hour instead of 70 - 80 km per hour...

After going to the hospital at noon to feed Mrs. O her lunch I raced home and packed a simple lunch to take with us in the car, and Mr. O and I drove to Tabusintac to check on summer place. Well as I suspected; it looked nothing like summer there either!

Doesn't look deep when you are walking on top of the snow with snowshoes, but I wasn't taking any chances! I stayed in the car with the heated seats a few snacks and a couple of home decor magazines...I mean he really didn't need my help anyways...after all he only brought one shovel!

Looking out over the water icy and snowy beach.

I think it will be awhile before we open up at the cottage.
Stay warm!


HollyM said...

I just love those soft gray colors! We were snowshoeing in the woods, yesterday and it was beautiful. Never leave home without long underwear, hat and mitts! Then you'll be warm and happy.
I wonder if I could get a better picture of that old barn sometime. I might like to sketch/thread paint it.

bArb said...

beautiful pictures Sis! Hope I can go out for a winter walk with you!!! Nothing yet! But you can bet you will be the first one I let know!!


Roxane P said...

Those are really nice pictures! I haven't had my camera out this winter too much. I am getting inspired now! Oh, Allan thanks you for letting me know that woman are capable of using a snowblower! I seem to have taken over that job since he is away from the house so long in the day. I don't mind it except the smell of gas on my coat afterwards. :)

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