Saturday, November 27, 2010


I seem to be having a hard time to settle down and write these days. I like to have a bit of a focus to my posts, but this one will be a little bit of everything...hence the title...STUFF.
My company has been and gone. Our birthday celebration was not a riotous affair.

At 96 we tried to keep it somewhat low key, but still we managed to tire our "party girl" a great deal. So much so that she wanted to do nothing but sleep the next day.
This morning I was admiring "Mom's" yellow birthday roses. It is ten days since we bought these roses and just look how lovely they still are.
Yellow roses are her favorite and looking at these beauties it is easy to see why.
I know it is late in the year to be doing this job, but I did mention a few posts back that I am still doing my "spring cleaning". This week I cleaned windows...a dreaded job, but this was my "frog" for the week. Looking through sparkling clean windows makes it so much nicer to enjoy the outdoor antics of my feathered friends.

In the case of the blue is only skin (or feather) deep. They are such aggressive birds and so greedy. They chase the doves, sparrows, grosbeaks and chickadees away every chance they get. I guess I will just have to consider them  my "winter crows".
I mentioned last post I was taking a quilt as you go workshop. I have gotten 10 of the 12 blocks all quilted and 1 row of 3 blocks assembled/quilted and 2/3 rds of the second row of three together as well. It is not a technique that will work with all quilts but it is very suitable for this one. I have had to set it aside to work on a few Christmas gifts, and hopefully I will have a few finished projects to show next week.

My daughter in law received her tree skirt in the mail and assures me she loves it. My niece also received the baby quilt I sent and she is thrilled. I am pleased...
Just look at me, I don't post for a week and when I get started I don't know when to quit.

One last thing I have been meaning to mention is this...I owe you an apology for a post I made in Oct. I had to laugh when I went back and re-read the post. I know what I meant to say, but that is certainly not what came out...

Remember this?

Do you  remember what I wrote concerning this pic?
Let me refresh your memory...

"You've heard it said, "Somedays you're the statue, and somedays you are the seagull".  Today I wish you a "statue" kind of day."

Now how rude was that! you see what has happened to that statue? What I meant was "I hope you don't have a statue kind of day."
My apologies.


HollyM said...

I'm glad you've had some time for sewing. I too am enjoying watching my feathered friends.

Martha said...

Can't wait to see your quilt. I have always wanted to try that technique. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

bArb said...

So funny Wendy....beause I so remember that post with your comment and i also remembering thinking " surely she did not mean that!" LOL Feel so much better now!

And wow. Rose looks a little tired too. sort of how I am looking and feeling now after having this past busy 8 days.
Look forward to seeing some finished projects and am hoping that one of them might just find their way under my christmas tree!! chuckle chuckle

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