Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Latest News

Well let's see where do I start? The other Mrs. O has come to live with us! My 96 yr. old (well she will be 96 on the 19th of this month) has temporarily moved in with Mr. O and I. Needless to say, there has been a bit of adjusting to do.

The "other" Mrs. O;  all smiles after her sponge bath, new hair do and breakfast.

I received an e-mail from Martha. It reads as follows:

Dear Wendy:

I received your package yesterday.  The fabric squares are beautiful and I am looking forward to making a quilt with them.  I would like to thank you again for such a fun giveaway.  I enjoyed looking at your great blog.  I will be visiting often to see your great quilts.
Martha deHoop

Happy to hear your package arrived so quickly Martha. 

I finished my penny rug candle mat. It is done according to the kit I received; however I may make a few more and add to it, thus changing it from a circle to an elongated diamond shape. 

I have been enjoying watching the birds at the feeders and tried to get a few shots of them this morning. I have not been able to get the chickadees yet, but I did capture the jays and the grosbeaks.

Other critters have been entertaining us with their antics, one of which is a local squirrel. He is very busy these days hiding apples in the trees. Apparently he is not content with having them in the apple trees. It is not high enough for him. This is one of a few he has tucked into the branches of the spruce in the side yard. 

These apples are about 20 - 25 feet up. I sure hope this is not an indication of how much snow we will be "blessed" with this winter.
If you look closely in the second picture, the squirrel is below the red apple and a little to the left. There is also a second apple in the crutch of the tree near the bottom of the photo.
Not having a cat around leaves the birds and squirrels free range of the place. I do however miss Sadie very much. She has been gone quite some time, but I still miss her. I am working on Mr. O, but he says "No more pets! We are on the road too much..." but I say, " A house is just not the same without a pet..."

Our beloved Sadie

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."  ~Mary Engelbreit


HollyM said...

I love the bird pictures. I did hear yesterday on the radio--something to do with the squirrels activities-- that we are supposed to get more snow that last year.

Martha said...

Love the pictures. You live in a beautiful place.

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