Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Packing light

Anyone who has ever had me come to visit overnight has probably noticed that I generally don't pack too light. I am guilty, I know I am...but I try, I really do try to pack lighter. I think I must suffer from separation anxiety.
I start out with good intentions and about 3/4' s of the way through I start "tucking" in things I might need. I need sweaters if the weather turns cold and sandals and t shirts in case it is warm, sneakers and socks in case I get time to go out walking, and of course I need needlework for the trip, and maybe an extra project or two just in case I finish one, or am missing something to work on a different one. I need a little something to read...not just a novel but magazines for browsing when I am tired of stitching. ...and the list goes on and one and on. Well Mr. O and I will be leaving on our much awaited trip to the British Isles in less than a month and we are only allowed one suitcase each. Not just any size suitcase either; it must be no more than 30x18x10. I will have to pack everything I will need for three weeks in one suitcase and still leave enough room to bring home any little "trinkets" I may discover along the way. I will definitely be doing a practice run in the packing dept.
There is something to be said though for packing  a couple extra things for "just in case" because I am in Sault Ste Marie Ontario right now. The original plan was to make a quick trip here to be with Mom during some important meetings concerning last years accident. I was to arrive Tuesday afternoon and be winging my way back home by 6 a.m. Friday. Here it is almost Tuesday of the following week and I still don't know when I am going home because Mom has taken a bad spell and is in hospital again. Hoping to have her improve enough to be home this week, but one never knows....

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