Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back in Tabu

Oh it is good to be back at the cottage; even if it is only for the rest of this week. ( coincidentally, John Denver is singing, "hey it's good to be back home again" while I type away at this blog posting.)
 Next week will be spent back at home attending to several things that need done before we leave to go away. Did I mention Mr.O and I are heading for "jolly ole England" in just 12 more sleeps? There are still several things that need to be done. I had hoped to be sitting pretty with all my errands finished, but being away for an unplanned extended time in Ontario has changed that so I will be rushing to get ready this week. Oh well, no surprise, I always have such good intentions, but usually always end up scrambling at the last minute. Makes me feel better to have an excuse though...

I started a baby quilt in my "spare time" while I was away. Hope to get that finished this week. Also want to finish up the cushions I had started before I went away.

Obviously I will not be getting time to work on my red and white quilt, but it will wait for me, and when I return I have a weekend quilting retreat scheduled for the last weekend in October, so that will be lots of time for me to finish things up and still have time to get it quilted before the snow flies.

While I was away I bought myself a water bottle. Here is a review about it.
This is what my "anti bottle" looks like. It is BPA free, reusable, foldable ( but stands like a regular drinking bottle), dishwasher cleanable, attachable, identifiable, and freezable. It comes with an ECO-ALERT on the package. "Frequent use will reduce your carbon footprint." I love it. I am really trying to drink more water. It is so important and it sure hits home when you spend a lot of time in hospital seeing so many people so ill because of their lifestyle.

Want to see what happens when you don't hydrate enough?

Want to see what happens when you don't hydrate at all?

Oh dear...

Mr O is so diligent about keeping things ship shape while I am away. He really does well, considering he works full time, commutes almost 2 and 1/2  hours a day and still keeps his running schedule up as well as laundry, lunches, meals, shopping for groceries... He even cleans the bathroom!
However he did fall a little short in the plant watering department. I think these ones may beyond help...

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