Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's All Perspective!

Perspective; one's "point of view", the choice of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences.

I went for my walk this morning, and there are a lot of thoughts that go through a person's head in the time it takes to walk 4-5 km. I had to force myself to lace up my sneakers, because one look out the window at the very angry waters, the wind, the rain, and fog was enough to discourage anyone, but hey that was my "frog" for today; so lace them I did, and off I went. While walking along I was thinking, how after walking one gorgeous morning last summer I felt inspired to come home and write a short essay. I have cut and pasted it below;

Oh the Wonder Of It All
...the way the morning sun can burn the blanket of fog away; the sound of birds singing their morning welcome; the smell of fresh cut grass and clover and roses; seaweed floating on the river; beautiful coloured moths clinging to the wet pavement because they have lost their way as a result of staying out too late... (where are their parents?); sunlight shining through a light mist that a morning breeze has shaken from the leaves of an old oak tree; trenches in the sand caused from last night’s thunder storm; the neighbour’s dog trying his best to frighten me with his loud bark; water droplets precariously hanging from a blade of grass; blueberries ripening; a grey hair clinging to the hem of my t-shirt subtly reminding me that “grey is okay”(...because how many have had their lives cut short long before grey hair ever appeared?); red geraniums nodding hello. All these things have enhanced my morning walk and reminded me how blessed I am to be able to see and experience these everyday things, when so many others who are equally deserving may never have the privilege...and I think to myself; ...what a wonderful world!

Now I walked exactly the same route this morning, saw many of the same things and I have to tell you that I was not quite as inspired. My hair was soaked, I couldn't see through my fogged and rain soaked glasses, the water was dripping down my nose, I was chilled from the biting wind. It came to me how that it did not seem like such a wonderful world this morning. Trying to be more positive I got to thinking how that for someone fighting for their life, a rainy blustery day was quite insignificant. To someone confined to a wheelchair, I am sure that a rainy day walking would be much better than a sunny day confined to a chair. To the farmers, and fire fighters, this rain was much needed. I could go on, but you get my drift...it is all perspective. I have since decided that , Yes, it is still a wonderful world, but sometimes we just lose sight of it. You see I knew that after chewing up and swallowing that frog,my day could only get better from there...and it did. I came home, had a hot shower, chatted with my sister, ate a good breakfast and then spent the day sewing with a dear friend. Yes; life is good! (even when it rains)

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