Thursday, December 4, 2014


UPDATE:     Arizona Earthquake

If you recall, my last blog post ended with me being a little rattled. I was sitting alone writing my post around 11 o'clock and things started shaking and rattling and there was a semi loud rumbling noise and I was pretty sure we had just experienced an earthquake. Mr. O roused slightly from his sleep and when I told him, he just passed it off as a possble rumbling from a train going through. HELLO! My Dad was a railroad man when I was a young girl and I have lived close to train tracks several times and I know what a train sounds like and that did not sound like a train! I have also experienced an earthquake before of a higher magnitude (5.6) and I was pretty sure I recognized it as such. There is nothing quite like it. A train indeed!!!  As it happens I reported it on line before CNN... maybe when I am finished all the quilts on my bucket list I will become a roving reporter for CNN; Lord knows I travel as much a reporter does! 

Back to my challenging day. 

The day before yesterday, I was eating a little piece of a turkish taffy candy that my husband bought and over half of my tooth broke off! Not just any tooth but one that I recently had a root canal done on. It had not been capped yet because there seemed to be a bit of sensitivity yet and they wanted to be sure it would not have to be removed...well I have a Dentist appt. at 1:00 p.m. and I am thinking that will be the end of my tooth. I have a slight toothachey discomfort and actually have mentioned a few times in the last week that there seemed to be pressure in my sinus on that side so Trouble maybe have been brewing for a while and I am really hoping there is not an abcess to deal with too.

Getting settled in and set up getting acquainted to our new surroundings for the winter.
Cupboards are stocked and little bits of business seen too.
I even have my little quilting corner set up and ready for action!

As you can see in the above photos I am well set up. I have a counter in a wide hallway area that is strictly designated for my quilting/cutting area. I have a table and rolling chair( just need a cushion to raise my up a but higher). I have lots of cupboards for storage, drawers for tools, notions and patterns, and I even have A Tassimo coffee maker strictly for my work area!

To my left is an entertainment center...

And a built in ironing station.

It's not home but I'll adjust...


Last year before leaving here our little quilting group decided to do a fabric challenge. One of the ladies that organizes the group purchased some fabric. It was cut into fat quarters and if we chose to participate we purchased a fat quarter and could make what ever we wanted but of course we had to use as much of our challenge fabric as possible in our "masterpiece". Because I have had a pretty busy year I just did not get to it although it was always niggling away in the back of my mind whenever I saw a fabric that might go with it or a pattern that might work. Well this is D Day and I am going to start my challenge. 

This is my challenge fabric and I don't work a lot with batiks so this in itself is a challenge but I have picked out some fabrics I want to use with it and it may need a bit of tweeking but here they are

I think my biggest challenge today though will be dealing with this......

IT'S RAINING! What's up with that? This is my third time here and we have only ever 1 day of rain! I have been in Arizona less than a week and I have had to deal with earthquakes and now rain! I'm a strong person, I can handle this!


barbara woods said...

My son had surgery this year when he had sinus headackes all the time ,had a absess that had eat thur his jar bone. Hope you are getting yours early. I had never heard of that, scared me to death, he is 44

HollyM said...

Never a dull moment around you, Wendy!
That sewing space doesn't look like a challenge. It's wonderful. Now what will you sew? I love those challenge fabrics!
Here's hoping your tooth can be saved.

Barb H said...

Your sewing area looks perfect! I'm sure lots of beauties will be rolling out over the next few months. (This is not-your-sister Barb.) :)

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