Sunday, March 23, 2014


PpEIGHT days until we pack up and start the next leg of the journey.

 Just a few more adventures before we get home.

EIGHT days to the Schnibbles deadline if I am to make the parade. I will need to be finished and have my entry into the parade organizers before heading out.

This is a labour intensive project complicated by a left hand that doesnt work as well as I would like it to.

EIGHT weeks since messing up my finger. Yes.  I am making headway...I have just over 60 degrees of mobility, but still much swelling and stiffness and pain, still strapped for comfort and protection. I am not a patient patient. I want it to be well yesterday! Enough whining...

I went to a quilt show today. This has to be the quilt show capital of Arizona. Every weekend and some weekend there are three or four. It keeps a gal busy!

EIGHT quilts for you to enjoy. The last one was stunning! The quilter had no pattern but was inspired by her travels in Africa and India to make this masterpiece. It really was very dramatic.

All applique and small touches of beading.

EIGHT days until the next quilt show. A big one! A very big one! I promise to share some pictures.

EIGHT more months till we return! We have been searching all month for accommodations for next year. Finally succeeded this week!
We found a spacious unit, with lots of storage and oodles of space to set up my sewing area, and the price was right. We will be back in the same park so I can carry on where I left off with the quilting group here; and with any luck maybe a stain glass project or two.

Did you happen to notice how many times the word EIGHT appears in this post?


Barb Gibney said...

Let me guess 8 and its so hard to believe that our winter here is winding up... look forward to our lkast quilt show together

Jackie said...

Let me guess too, eight?? Lol. Funny girl! Beautiful quilts and happy to see you are returning home, but.... i don't think you'll be so happy when you get to great all of the snow.... Get ready, one thing for sure, there is more than eight inches, closer to eight feet..have a safe trip!

HollyM said...

For sure you won't be happy about the snow! Even this winter lover is fed up!
It will be nice to see you.

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