Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilt Show Eye Candy

Just random photos of quilts that impressed me for many different reasons...the quilting, the colour, the embellshments, the pattern. Get a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.
I have tried to include the label with the entrants name and other detail. You may have to click on the photo to read the details.

Amazing quilting!

Applique inspiration.

Can you find the Mother Beast in the garden?

The piecing and the colours in this one are amazing! It was embellished with over 3000 tiny crystals to portray the explosion of this super nova.

This quilt was made in memory of the quilter's mother who loved the outdoors. Elements are shown by Earth(worms), wind(squirrels), fire(fireflies), and water(fish); surrounded by pots of flowers and more than 2000 elongated hexagons representing caskets.
When I read the description it seemed a bit morbid, but when I reread the name of the quilt, I realized it was a "mourning quilt". Grief is apparently dealt with in many ways...

The legend of the dream catcher is portrayed in the spiral element. These pictures do not do this quilt justice. The custom quilting was amazing! Quilter Cyndi Phare of Prescott, Arizona

Spirit of Many Moons by Sue Kluber of Geurnsey, IA

Lots of detail in a 35x42 quilt by Patsy Kitteredge, of Sedona, Arizona.

This was done by a Canadian quilter, Naomi Pearson, of Vernon, BC
It was a guild challenge with a theme of mountains, lakes and vineyards. It was inspired by a view from her friends vineyard.

I was so impressed with the quilting on this l one I forgot to photograph the info. My apologies to the artist. I love how she quilted the frame to resemble the corn that Mr.Squirrel is dining on.

The last one for tonight is "More Than A Memory" by Kathy McNeil of Tulaip, WA. Kathy dreamed about a tree whose memories panned several hundred years and had seen lovers and pioneers come and go. This quilt was hand appliqued, thread embellished and if you look closely you can see ghost images to the left of the trunk.

I went quilting today and made and applied binding to my circle quilt and pieced the blocks for my upcoming Schnibbles. 
More quilt show pics tomorrow...

"Quilting is not just a is therapy."
Author Unknown


HollyM said...

Wow, those are awe inspiring quilts! They kind of make I do feel very small. It would have been amazing to see them and to see all those quilted details.
The nova one reminds me of Anne.

JoAnne said...

Thanks for the pics of these gorgeous quilts! It is whetting my appetite for our big show which opens on Wednesday!

Jackie said...

WOW, WOW and Wow! Truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mini quilt show, all I can say is WOW!! This is the art of quilting at the extreme.

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