Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Itty Bitty Update

I'm not sure why, it happens, but the days are shorter here in Arizona. They have to be. That's the only way to explain why I get so little done.  Actually now that I really think about it, I get up later than I did for many years; that shortens my day by 2 hours right off the bat. Combine that with short Arizona days, and I am just not getting as much done!
After a quick coffee I am off to an hour of aerobics. Shower, hair and breakfast pretty much takes up another chunk of the morning. There was a bit of time to tend to a few things and then i was off to my stained glass workshop til 4.
I am making headway but, it is a slow process.

You really can't tell by the picture but there are 4 colours there, a dark amber, light gold, dark red, and olive green. With a paper pattern behind, the colours are quite dull. I got another 1/4 block cut, grinded/smoothed and pieced together. I also learned how to apply the copper foil to the cut edges, apply the "flux" to help the leading stick, and then use the soldering gun to apply the "lead".
Very slow work!

Here you can see that I got three seams leaded. Doing this kind of thing sure gives me a greater appreciation for some of the intricate, huge, detailed stained glass windows in some of the churches and cathedrals we have visited during our travels.
The lady working next to me is not a novice, and wanted a quick easy project to work on while here, so she used her bits and pieces to make a mosaic type design on a lantern. So delicate and pretty, and I'm sure it will be very pretty with a lit candle inside it.

 I have only bought a minimal amount of tools because I keep telling myself " I am NOT starting another hobbey!" It makes it hard to stick to my guns though when I see such pretty pieces being made.

After class, it was home, a quick bike ride, supper, and off to do a little retail therapy with my sis. A real treat for us to spend this time together. 

Tomorrow, Mr. O has another hike planned for us. Not sure of the details, but it is bound to be another interesting one.

It has crossed my mind that I forgot to show you some of the things I purchased on Saturday at the Olde  World Quilt Shoppe. 

A new pattern book because You never can have too many books, and I like the patterns inside and at $6.50 I figured it definitely a good deal.

I have been slowly gathering up civil war repros for another quilt so that was where I concentrated my time in the shop. I still need some greens, blues and purples but every little bit helps.

And last but certainly not least is my kit for one of Carrie's newst Schnibbles, Squared. This is the one Carrie was demonstrating Saturday. The quilt on the pattern packet is done with Minick and Simpsons Indigo Crossing, but she demoed a change of fabric that resulted in a much different look.

Carrie's Squared is on the table in front of us. It is still in a flimsy stage, but beautiful just the same!

So there you have it...an itty bitty update of my slightly shortened 21 hour Arizona day.

Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever.

Horace Mann


JoAnne said...

Yeah! Two posts in a row! I forgot to mention the stained glass yesterday--it is really pretty. It also looks like one of the patterns from this month's Blogger Girls BOM! It may be slow going, but it will be wonderful when done. It seems to me that if the day flies by, you are really "living." When it drags--that is when it is problematic (at least in my mind.) Your sister certainly looks a fair amount like you and it is really great that you get to spend so much time together!

HollyM said...

Wendy, it sounds like you're really getting into the exercise. That's great! Your days sound lovely!
I love stained glass too. I've always been interested in trying it.

Barb Gibney said...

Good morning dear sister...yes our winter together in Arizona could not be anymore fabulous. Looking forward to our class together tomorrow. And oh ya...just keep blogging, cause I would way rather sit with my morning coffee enjoying your blog than writing my own. Lol
and I must say when I read joannes comment on your blog it made me smile. We dont get that comment very often, infact I'm sure we could count it on one hand. Im very proud to be your sister and even prouder to share some characteristics and similarities. Love you...have a good day

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