Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A busy two weeks

Well it is back to just me and Mr. O. It was such a special 2 weeks though. We were able to arrange for my youngest sister to take my brother from the nursing home he lives in and bring him half way across the country. (No small feat!) they met up with my other sister in Montreal for the last leg of the trip. The two sisters have never been to Winterpast and my brother has, but unfortunately does not remember it.(very long, sad story that I referred to a few posts back)

I obviously am the oldest of four, and there are just us, now that Mom is gone, so it is really important to have these times together.
Because of Gary's health, we were not able to wander far, but we did take a drive to the "big beach" as we refer to it. We settled Gary in a chair as sheltered as you can get on a windy beach and proceeded to do a bit of beach combing. It was a very blustery day and they got to see the ocean in a bit of a turmoil. I always love a walk on the beach, but even more so on a really windy day when the waves are crashing in.

Really makes for a "bad hair day". (Sorry Barb!)

We were treated to some fabulous sunsets here at Winterpast.

The birds were a constant source of entertainment.

And the nightlife!

What can I say? Plenty! What a nuisance this varmint was! He was so brazen, he knocked over the planters to get to the birdfeeder and then even posed for a photo. What a mess, and two nights in a row until finally I had to move the feeder.

We watched movies, ate, sewed, watched more movies, ate some more; although some ate more often than others...right Pam?
We taught the youngest sister some embroidery stitches, and she cut out some felted wool and stitched herself a pair of cosy warm slippers, just perfect for the cool days ahead. While Pam hand-stitched, Barb and I pieced and machined our projects. I made two more purses, one for Pam, and one for her daughter.

See those white slippers below the sweater, thats the kind Pam made but
I can't seem to find the picture I took of hers.(these ones are mine)
While I was making purses Barb, tried her hand at her first Schnibbles from Carrie Nelson's book, Schnibbles Times Two.

If you don't have this book in your quilting library, you may want to check it out. LOTS of great projects.

Here is Barb's version of McGuffy. She was auditioning an extra border to enlarge things a bit. The plan s to give it to one of her grand daughters for a birthday gift. It will be a picnic cloth. How cute eh?

Barb made a Schnibbles and I made a Little Bite( I call it a "nibble")
I also made a second version of mine for the Schnibbles Parade (yesterday's post)
Pam and Gary had to return home after just one week, but Barb stayed on, and Mr. O was away on business, so we fabric shopped and sewed til the wee hours . It was thoroughly enjoyable.
Here are a few pics of some of the things we worked on.

Barb loved my granny squares and we made a deal, i provided the 2.5 strips and she sewed the blocks. One for her to take home and one to add to my collection.

She also made a reversible apron with two fat quarters plus trim. Too cute!

How about a few sewing organizer totes. Barb will be retreating in style next month!
The vintage notion print was perfect for these little projects.

The local guild here in Tabusinac has an ongoing project. Several pillow panels were handed out with the request that borders be added to them, round robin style, thus making a quick and easy lap quilt to add to their comfort quilt collection. My plan was to put my block on point thus having a larger starting base, but because it was not a perfect square and to make it so I would have to cut off part of the printed pattern, I opted for this...
Minutes before returning it the guid meeting, I realized tat I had inserted one of the bear paws askew...what would I ever do without a ripper. Thankfully it was a quick fix and all was set in order. Off to the next person for the next border!

All paws are in order, ready to move out...

All to quickly the time slipped away and it was time for Barb to leave...

All of a sudden, everyone is gone...
I miss you guys. Come back soon, okay? Please...


bArb said...

I miss you too, Sis! I look forward to the next time we are together. We were definately blessed to of been able to spend time together. I miss you all very much!

JoAnne said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. I think it would be so much fun to sew with a sister or two. (Neither of mine do.)

I really love the version of McGuffy. I've looked at that pattern but it wasn't doing too much for me. Now I may have to take another look.

Will you be closing up Winter Past soon? Oh, and did you find any beach glass?

Michele said...

What a nice time spent with family :-)

HollyM said...

Very special times! And wow, you got a lot of sewing done! I love those purses!

gail.elizabeth said...

Love those bags you made! And those cushions are adorable.
What a Blessing that you got to have visits from your siblings. I have 10 siblings and we will all be together for Thankgiving except for three of us. What a crowd. It will be a first since my mom passed three years ago. And I will be cherishing every moment.
See you at the retreat.......
God Bless

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